5 Restaurants to Try in Fort Collins

December 7, 2015

Fort Collins has a thriving restaurant scene that features cuisine from around the world. No matter what you’re craving, you can likely find a restaurant that serves it in Fort Collins. There are a few restaurants that go above and beyond in their service, taste, and presentation, making them favorites with the locals and visitors. Here are the top five restaurants in Fort Collins:


The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro

Half restaurant and half gourmet cheese shop, The Welsh Rabbit Bistro sells a variety of decadent cheese dishes, like grilled cheese sandwiches, bread, and meat samplers. You can also order from the “sushi” menu to try a taste of your favorite cheeses from around the world. With its rustic brick interior and welcoming service, The Welsh Rabbit is like a taste of Europe in Northern Colorado.


The Kitchen

Serving fresh farm-to-table dishes in an upscale environment, The Kitchen is a true representation of Fort Collins cuisine. The menu features rustic, home-style dishes like tomato soup, lamb burgers, and roasted beet salad, all served in a welcoming atmosphere to foster a community experience. Every Monday, the restaurant serves a family-style meal and invites a local farmer to discuss the meal. The Kitchen serves brunch, lunch, and dinner seven days a week and has a charming outdoor eating area for when the weather is nice.

Ace Gillett’s

Dining at Ace Gillett’s is like taking a step back in time. Located in the basement of the Armstrong Hotel, Ace Gillett’s serves a wide variety of personalized cocktails and tapas specials, such as gnocchi, flatbreads, and salads. Besides the delicious food and drinks, what really sets Ace Gillet’s apart is the live jazz music and swanky atmosphere. The décor is done in a 1950s style and musicians play almost every night. Whether you’re going for dessert and a meal or just a drink, Ace Gillet’s is a unique and memorable experience.

The Silver Grill

The go-to breakfast spot for Fort Collins locals, The Silver Grill boasts a menu of breakfast classics with a Colorado twist. Favorite menu items include eggs benedict, cinnamon roll French toast, and pumpkin pancakes; the restaurant is also home to the state’s largest Bloody Mary Bar. With something for everyone and a comfortable atmosphere, you might come for brunch and never leave.


FoCo Café

FoCo Café is a non-profit restaurant focused on building a healthy community. The mission is admirable and the food is delicious. FoCo Café’s menu features local, organic, and sustainably grown items and ingredients with items like cucumber salad, chicken and rice soup, and corn muffins. The restaurant uses a “pay what you can” mentality, meaning there aren’t set prices, but rather a donation box on the counter for guests to pay what they can for the meal. Guests can also volunteer their time in the community garden or kitchen to pay for their meal. The menu changes daily based on what is available and in season.

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