6 Questions You Should Ask When Renting an Apartment

November 10, 2017

for rent signLooking to rent an apartment in Colorado? If so, it is important that you have a clear idea of the rental contract and what it entails. Some stipulations of the landlord may cause you trouble and discomfort later on. As such, knowing about them beforehand can help you avoid those situations. Below, we list out six important questions you should ask before renting an apartment in Colorado.


Does the Apartment Allow Pets?

If you have pets, then you need to specifically check with the landlord as to the apartment policy regarding pets. Some landlords allow pets while others strictly forbid it.


And those who do allow pets may have additional conditions as to the kind of animals that are allowed to be kept inside. Plus, you may also have to pay extra money as an additional deposit to keep your pets there.


Are Utility Expenses Covered?

A few landlords will include utility payments like water, gas, electricity, cable, etc. in their monthly rental charges. It is better to ask them directly whether utility charges are to be paid separately.


If it is not included, then add an estimate of such expenses together with the rent to get a basic idea of the amount you will need to keep aside for fixed expenses each month.

Who Pays for Maintenance and Repairs?

Be sure to ask the landlord about who will be responsible to pay for the maintenance and repair works of the apartment. For example, if you need a plumber to take a look at the pipes, who will pay the bills?


Many times, renters do not ask such things up front, only to realize later on that the maintenance costs are coming out of their pockets.


What About Parking?

Check the parking facilities of the apartment. Does it assign a particular parking spot for you? If not, then where are you supposed to park your vehicle? Make sure you have the answer before choosing the apartment.


Also ask the landowner whether charges are levied for parking, and if so, how much. It will also be good if you can look into the number of guest spots available.


What Is the Late Payment Policy?

There will be occasions when you may not be able to pay the rent on time. As such, it is important that you know the landlord’s policies regarding late payment.


Are late payment fees charged from the date when rent is due or will the landlord provide some relief by offering you a grace period?


Is Decorating the Apartment Allowed?

When you decide on an apartment, it is not necessary that you like everything about it. Be sure to inquire with the landlord as to how much you can redecorate the apartment. Knowing décor guidelines upfront will allow you to avoid making changes to the apartment that might cause differences later on.


Decorating questions to ask may include:

  • Are you allowed to paint the walls?
  • Can you change plumbing or lighting fixtures?
  • Are there limitations on what you can hang on the walls?
  • What is allowed on a deck or on your front door?


All Property Services, Inc recommends getting answers to any questions you may have before signing a rental agreement. Answering important questions can not only be helpful in deciding on an apartment but can also save you from potential issues or concerns in the future. Contact us today for available apartment listings in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, and Wellington.

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