7 Ways To Decorate Your Rental For Christmas

December 8, 2020

Christmas is right around the corner. One of the most beloved traditions of the season is decorating so you can feel the Christmas spirit in your home every day leading up to the holiday.


And after the roller coaster year of 2020, we all deserve a little Christmas joy. Just because you live in an apartment in northern Colorado doesn’t mean you still can’t dive into the Christmas season with festive decorations.


You might not be able to go as big or intricate with your decorations. However, you can still have a festive and welcoming home with a little creativity. 


When decorating your rental for Christmas, be sure you understand what is and isn’t allowed by your landlord.


Avoid any decorations that could be dangerous or lead to damage within the apartment. Items that can be easily removed or hung with removable hooks are likely your best option. 


Here are seven ways to decorate your apartment rental or house rental for Christmas:


1. Use a Fake Tree

fake fir christmas tree with ornaments scattered below

Beautiful Christmas decorations start with the Christmas tree. Even in smaller apartments for rent, the Christmas tree can be the focal point of your holiday decorations. Plan decorating your rental for Christmas around a beautiful tree, no matter the size or style.


Some landlords may not allow real Christmas trees in their rentals, so be sure to check before you bring in fresh branches. Aside from landlord rules, live trees can also leave behind a mess when it’s time to take them down and can invite bugs, so you may want to choose an alternative.


An artificial tree can provide all the beauty of the real thing without the mess and fire hazard. Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be huge—even a small tree can make a big statement.


Put your tree in front of a window, or place a smaller tree on an end table—there are lots of ways to get creative with the size and location of your Christmas tree. 


Decorate your tree with lights and ornaments that show off your style. You can choose a color scheme or theme for your decorations or be sentimental with ornaments from your childhood or past adventures.


You can also think outside the box with your Christmas tree, especially if you don’t want to spend the money or have to store a fake Christmas tree. If you’re short on space, you can decorate a house plant.


Add a whimsical touch to your rental with lights and ornaments on your fiddle fig or fern—it’s sure to be a conversation starter!


Other creative options include cutting a tree shape out of craft paper and attaching it to the wall. You can even draw the ornaments and lights. Flat felt trees and ornaments on the wall are other popular options, especially if you have kids who like rearranging the more fragile ornaments.


For an unconventional 3D tree, you can cut out a tree shape from wood or cardboard and add painted or crafted ornaments. Get creative and let your personality shine with your Christmas tree!


2. Hang Stockings With Care

three christmas stockings filled with presents hanging from a stone fireplace mantel

Aside from the Christmas tree, perhaps the most quintessential Christmas decoration is stockings. And luckily for renters, it doesn’t take a lot of space to hang stockings.


If you have a mantel, use it to showcase your favorite Christmas items. Start by hanging a stocking for everyone in your home or family—don’t forget pets!


To make it easy to remove after Christmas without damaging the space, use weighted stocking holders on the mantel or hang them with Command hooks that you can easily remove.


There are plenty of ways to hang décor without putting nails in the walls or leaving behind permanent marks. 


Next, add a garland. Traditional pine greenery adds a pop of color, but you can also make it more modern or unconventional by using other colors or types of greenery.


Add a Christmas sign, wreath, or mirror for some height above the display. And then top it off with candlesticks or lanterns.


To make the display rental-friendly, don’t actually light the candles but instead use their color and height to complete the decorations. 

No Fireplace? No Problem

Christmas stocking holding a teddy bear hangning from shelf with lit candle and empty glass of milk

Many rentals don’t have a fireplace, making it more challenging to find a place to hang stockings and other decorations. But with a little creativity, you can create the perfect Christmas decorations and give your stockings a home. 


One of the easiest alternatives to a traditional fireplace is to use a floating shelf already attached to the wall. If you’re feeling crafty, you can draw a fireplace on a large piece of poster board or butcher paper and tack it to the wall.


You can also take a bit of foam core or plywood, cut out a mantel, paint it, and prop it against the wall for something more substantial. 


Another option is to find another place to hang your stockings. Hang them from an entertainment center or window. You can string them on a ribbon as a type of garland or attach them to the wall with removable hooks.


Let your creativity run wild as you find the best place to hang your stockings and create a charming Christmas atmosphere. 

Decorate The Front Door

house door with Christmas wreath and garland decorations

The holiday spirit can start before you even set foot inside an apartment or house. Set the stage by decorating your front door. With either fake or real pine branches, a classic Christmas wreath can be a beautiful addition to your door.


You can also take a more modern approach with a minimalist wreath or other decorations. For a whimsical touch on a budget, cover your entire door in wrapping paper and add a giant bow for a massive present.


Add a holiday-themed welcome mat and a potted plant, Christmas tree, or poinsettia next to the door to complete the look. If allowed by your landlord, you may even be able to switch out the porch light for a red or green bulb. 


If you have a porch or balcony, you can take your outdoor decorations to the next level. String lights around your space or add a Christmas sign or fun inflatable.


You don’t need a lot of outdoor space to celebrate the season and spread joy to whoever drives or walks past your apartment. 


Hang Lights

living room with christmas tree and deocrative lights surrounding it on the fireplace mantel and floor

Lights are a major theme of Christmas décor, whether your decorating style is traditional, modern, glam, or rustic.


Christmas lights have limitless possibilities and can quickly transform an apartment into a magical space. You can use Christmas lights outside your rental by outlining the exterior doors and windows. They can also make a big splash inside. 


Besides putting lights on your tree, you can also line the ceiling or drape strands of lights to outline the room by wrapping lights around the banister or railings.


Place shorter strands of lights around the TV, on shelves, or with a garland on the mantel. Be creative and find new ways to bring in light—it doesn’t take much to make a big impression. 

Create A Tablescape

tablescape with holiday napkin and basket of ornament center piece

Every rental has at least one table or countertop. These open, flat surfaces, often overlooked for décor, can be used to create something beautiful.


Use smaller end tables to house favorite decorations, Christmas plants, or small trees. Larger dining tables provide more space to build a beautiful tablescape. 


Start with a festive runner that matches the rest of your Christmas décor. Add a small centerpiece, such as a garland, decorative trees, ornaments, and battery-operated candles. If you are entertaining, incorporate holiday-themed napkins and napkin rings.


A tablescape can be large and complex. It can be minimal and straightforward—either approach can create a beautiful Christmas decoration. 


Take it to the next level by decorating your dining chairs with ribbons or by hanging small wreaths on the back.


As a bonus, you can leave your tablescape up all month long if you leave room around the edges to still use the table to eat and entertain. 


Embrace Your Senses

lit candle in a lantern surrounded by garland and spices

Christmas decorating involves more than just what you can see—it’s the entire experience that taps into all five senses. You don’t always need physical décor to create a welcoming and festive environment.


Fill your rental with holiday scents. Candles can be a great way to add a festive scent and lighting if they are allowed by your landlord. If not, other air fresheners, essential oils, or wax melts in scents like cinnamon, pine, or peppermint can also set the tone. 


Turn on your favorite Christmas playlist to embrace the Christmas spirit. Even if you don’t have room for all the decorations you want, bringing in the sounds of the season can make the space much more inviting. 


Christmas decorations can transform any rental into a magical winter wonderland. This season, get creative with your apartment or rental home with festive decorations to celebrate the season. 

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