home furnishings on a budgetWhen you are renting a new space in Fort Collins, an exciting part of the move is picking out all of the furniture to fill your new home. Once you sign your lease, you’ll need to purchase all sorts of essential items for your new pad like wall decor, window treatments, rugs, and, yes, furniture.


Searching for and purchasing these new decor items can be a lot of fun. One big downside to the thrill of a new place is that the cost of buying new furniture can be insanely expensive. With some couches and sofas priced in the thousands, it can be difficult to find quality, affordable furniture pieces that will last on a budget.


Whether you’re looking for rugs, lamps, cozy throw pillows, or funky decorative objects for your new nest, these awesome places have it. What’s the best part? They all offer home furnishings at affordable prices. The next time you want to spruce up your apartment while sticking to your budget, you’ll know just where to look.




Always a first on our list for awesome affordable furniture items, Target reigns supreme. Recently, Target’s new home collections are adding so much style to an already impressive resume of home furnishings.


Their Project 62 collection is brimming with modern and interesting finds, ranging from bold prints to sleek home accents. They also have some help from HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, who have headed up the budget-friendly Hearth and Hand farmhouse-style collection. Just be careful when you go in that you have a focus, or you might leave with a ton of items you never even knew you wanted!



 home decor on a budgetAre you looking for the holy grail of home furnishings? Look no further. HomeGoods is owned by TJX, the same company that owns T.J. Maxx and Marshalls and the value is similar. HomeGoods a large variety of quality and luxurious furniture pieces at majorly discounted prices you won’t believe.


They have piles of different throw pillows in gorgeous colors, exceptionally tasteful furniture, and more. If you need a one-stop shop for affordable furniture and fun accents, you can’t go wrong with HomeGoods.




Speaking of affordable style, we have to mention IKEA. They have been a staple for flat-pack furniture for years, and they always deliver in style and comfort. They have a vast selection ranging from organizing systems to shelving units. From dressers to dutch ovens, they have everything you need to make your place unique and stylish.


Check out their home accessories aisles and you can easily leave the store with a car-load of home decor for a fraction of the cost you would spend elsewhere. Don’t love beating the crowds when you’re there? You can shop their entire selection online!




 Overstock helps you find those coveted designer furniture pieces at discounted prices. They also have free shipping for orders over $50, and shipping for orders under $50 only costs $2.95, even for furniture. You would be hardpressed to find a similar deal anywhere else.


Just make sure that you check the return policy for each item you want to buy in case they don’t provide returns and contact Overstock if you have any questions.


Local Thrift Stores and Yard Sales

buying furniture on a budget at a garage sale

There is a lot to be said about local sales and thrift stores when you live in Fort Collins. Check out Craigslist for affordable furniture deals all over your community. You never know what you could find that is right in your own backyard. A piece that you found locally might have more meaning to you and contribute to the overall feel of your new place!


When you are furnishing a new apartment, it is essential to be budget conscious while still making it home. Your home doesn’t have to look like a magazine spread, but it does have to feel like yours. Whether you go for a storebought or thrifted piece of furniture, a key for decorating on a budget is to look for items that will stand the test of time.


Final Tips

There is nothing wrong with waiting for a great deal to fill up your home with wonderful home decor that makes your place feel cozy and inviting. It’s okay to add home furnishings to your home slowly instead of spending your savings all at once. Check out all these amazing places and it will help you to let your home style evolve over time without breaking the bank.

home furnishings on a budget
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