Apartment Home Décor Tips to Help Fight Winter Blues

January 28, 2019

apartment decor tips to fight the winter bluesCold weather got you down? Even the best-insulated apartment can start to feel a little cold when the winter doldrums set in. But all it takes to turn Fort Collins apartments into cozy places is a little décor update. Even small updates can warm up your apartment and help fight the winter blues. Here’s how to create a cozy atmosphere to make winter a little more enjoyable.

Add Texture

Texture is a great décor element for two reasons: it brings in an interesting design element and is also warm and cozy. The great thing about adding texture to an apartment is that it isn’t permanent and can easily be removed when you’re ready to move. Throw a bright blanket over your couch or bed for a pop of color. As a bonus, you can snuggle up with the blanket on cold winter nights.

A textured area rug can also update a space and add some style. Plus, it can warm up the floor and make it more comfortable. Textured throw pillows are also an inexpensive way to add warm details and texture. In the winter, look for pillows with sweater-like textures like cable knit, embroidery, or soft fabric. They’re just begging you to take a cozy winter nap!

Bring in Color

An all-white apartment may seem chic and minimal, but in the winter, it can actually make your place seem colder. Warm tones like reds, yellows, oranges, and some greens naturally make us feel warmer because they remind us of things like fire, sunshine, and the tropics. You can add color in a variety of ways, including adding new artwork to the walls, switching out curtains, or bringing in new pillows.

Bringing in warm colors doesn’t mean you have to turn your entire apartment into a carnival. Even small accessories can make a big difference in adding warmth to the space. You can maintain a neutral look with more muted warm tones. Of course, if you’re a fan of color, have fun and add as many warm tones as you want! Click here for more ideas of how to add color to an apartment.

Light it Up

Winter can seem especially cold and dark when the days are so short. For some parts of the year, the sun goes down in Colorado before 5:00 p.m. To improve your mood and make those days seem not so dark, bring in extra lighting to your apartment. Use warm-toned light bulbs for a softer, more welcoming glow. Floor lamps and table lights can target light to specific areas of the room. They also tend to be warmer than harsh overhead lights. For a cozy night in, light a candle for soft light and a great smell. Just remember to blow it out when you’re done.

Decorate with Plants

Just because the plants outside may be dead or dormant doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh greenery in your apartment. Houseplants can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a small space. Add a tree to the corner of your living room or put smaller plants on shelves or tables for a splash of green that will bring in the feel of being outside in warm weather. The huge variety of plant styles, from cacti to ficus trees, means there’s something for every style.

Live plants require some upkeep but bring the benefits of cleaning the air. If you choose a real plant, make sure it’s hearty enough to survive cold winter weather. However, faux plants can still make a great décor impact in an apartment. Click here to learn more about the best plants for apartments.

The weather outside may be dreadful, but your apartment can be warm and cozy inside. With a few simple décor adjustments, you can turn any apartment into the perfect welcoming place that will keep you happy and warm all winter long.

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