Apartment Home Security: Tips for Apartment Living Safety

November 1, 2017

apartment home securityAlthough there are some similarities, apartment home security is, generally, a bit different from that of single-family homes. By nature, apartments are large communities where the boundary between houses is simply a wall. Living in such close proximity to other people combined with an increased amount of traffic within an apartment complex can create a greater risk for burglary or home invasion. Remaining vigilant and proactive can help you better ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and your belongings. The first steps of home safety are your responsibility. There are many things that are out of your hands, but you have to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your family, property, and belongings.




Know Your Neighbors

Your neighbors make up the community found within your apartment complex, so one of the first things to consider doing is to get to know them. While it’s not necessary to become the meddlesome neighbor who people often tried to avoid, you can ask general information upon meeting your neighbors for the first time. Key information to help you learn more about your neighbors can include what they do for a living, where they work, what their hobbies are, or who lives with them. You might also pay attention to the people that frequently visit their homes or the typical activities they engage in.


Developing a close relationship with your neighbors can provide unique advantages, including the opportunity for long-term friendships. Trustworthy neighbors are great people to turn to when you go on extended vacations or if you decide to leave town for a few days. Maintaining a relationship with your neighbors can also provide you with crucial help in cases of emergency.


Local Crime

Take time to research local crime and National Sex Offender registries before choosing an apartment complex. Be aware of what is happening in the community and surrounding areas. There are many resources available online for information on local crime including CrimeReports or CrimeMapping.


Make sure to remain observant to the activities, vehicles, and people who live in, and occasionally visit the apartment for work or personal reasons. You might also consider talking to the neighbors about any known criminal activity in the area. Your local police department can also provide information about crime rates in certain areas of the community.


Install A Security System

Renters are more likely to be victims of home invasion or burglary than homeowners. While not all security systems are available for renters or for apartments, there are inexpensive and easy-to-install security systems available for apartment renters. These systems generally come with a number of motion detectors that are portable and can easily be accessed with a smartphone. Often times, simply seeing a security system in place will deter thieves or invaders. Be sure to check with your apartment management team prior to installing any type of apartment home security system.


Home Safe

A safe can be extremely helpful when all other defenses have given way. You can store cash, important documents, jewelry, and firearms in a fireproof safe to provide extra protection for valuable items. Safes are available in many sizes at many prices depending on your individual need. Although an apartment complex may not allow a safe to be bolted to the floor or wall, it can easily be hidden with a little ingenuity and sensible décor so that you are the only one who knows its location.


Replace Locks and Secure Doors

Many apartment complexes will change the locks to a unit prior to new tenants moving in. If your complex does not do that, you can make a request to the apartment manager. You don’t know how many hands keys have passed through and who still has the previous set of keys that can be used to access your home. Asking to replace locks is a reasonable request. You might even install additional locks such as a deadbolt or chain lock.


Make sure to inspect the locks on all windows and ensure that each one locks appropriately. If your unit has a sliding door, you may also want to install an inside bar lock or at a minimum, set a pole on the track in order to prevent intruders from opening that sliding door.


Invest In Blinds Or Curtains

Window coverings prevent potential thieves or intruders from seeing what you have inside your home. Investing in blinds and curtains provides a layer of security by simply hiding your belongings from the outside world.


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