Apartment Hunting Tips: How to Find the Fort Collins Apartment Right for You

August 23, 2018

apartment hunting tips fort collinsWith its gorgeous views, beautiful outdoor space, and great restaurants and craft breweries, it’s no wonder people are flocking to Fort Collins. No matter if you’re new to the city or looking to upgrade your living situation, you’re going to need a Fort Collins apartment to rent. Finding the perfect apartment can take some time, so keep these apartment hunting tips in mind to find the best unit.


Create a Wish List


Before you start looking for the perfect apartment, you need to narrow it down by creating a wish list. Part of what makes Fort Collins such a great city is the diversity of its people and housing options. Instead of looking at every available apartment, narrow your search by what matters most to you. Do you want to be close to downtown? Do you prefer a view of the mountains, or would you rather be close to a reservoir? What’s your price range? Do you want a newer apartment, or do you prefer older buildings? What features are most important to you in an apartment? Think through the most important apartment criteria and write it down.


There are a variety of Fort Collins apartments to rent, so create a list of things you must have and things that would be nice to have. At the very least, set a budget and decide how many bedrooms you want in your apartment. As you search, you might discover that certain characteristics are important to you and those can be used to narrow down your search.


Get Roommates


This suggestion may feel out of place in our apartment hunting tips, but it may prove to be helpful in opening your options. Between the security deposit, monthly rent, and new furniture and decorations, getting a new apartment can be expensive. Think about finding a few roommates to spread out the costs. With roommates, you might be able to afford a bigger or newer apartment with more amenities. Roommates can also share the cost of utilities and other shared apartment expenses, which can provide a bigger cushion for saving toward other goals.


Tour Apartments


The best way to see if an apartment is a good fit is to actually go visit it. Take your time in the unit to see if it matches things on your checklist. You should also walk around the neighborhood to make sure you will feel safe there and will be close enough to things like grocery stores and gas stations if that’s really important to you. An apartment tour is a good time to ask questions about the rent, deposit, and estimated utility costs.

Stay Organized


After you’ve looked at multiple listings and toured a few units, things can start to run together. It’s easy to forget which apartment had the great view and which was the most affordable. Take notes soon after visiting the apartments while things are still fresh in your mind. Take pictures as you walk through the unit and neighborhood that you can look back on later. Create a spreadsheet or list with the details of each apartment to stay organized and help make an informed decision about the best apartment for you to rent.


Finding Your Fort Collins Apartment


Now that you've collected a few apartment hunting tips, are you ready to find your perfect apartment in Fort Collins? All Property Services, a property management company, manages and leases apartments throughout the city. Be sure to visit our website, https://allpropertyservices.com, to check out our available apartments for rent. You can also call us at 970-224-4446 to get help finding your apartment and to schedule tours.


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