apartment moving checklist, loveland apartment rentalA move of any kind can be rife with worry and inconvenience. However, a move to an apartment can bring with it its own unique flavor of disruption and anxiety, especially if it’s your first apartment and you don’t quite own all the essentials (or even know exactly what the essentials are) yet. Don’t let your decision to rent an apartment in Loveland stress you out. Follow this moving checklist to help you arrive at your Loveland rental property prepared for a virtually seamless transition into your new living quarters.


Some must have items, include:


Proper Bedding

We spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed, making it vital to prioritize bedding essentials in your apartment checklist. If you’re still sleeping on your non-lumbar supporting childhood bed, you’ll want to make a new mattress one of the first items you purchase for your new place. Also, be sure to bring your supporting pillows and enough blankets to make your first night in your apartment as comfortable as possible.


First-Aid Kit, Pain Relievers, Medicine

Moving out of your old place is the perfect time to purge your current medicine cabinet of all expired medications. However, you’ll want to replenish your stock before move-in day. You’ll want to have a full first-aid kit, so you’re ready for any moving accidents, cuts, or scratches. You’ll also want to pack some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications (and possibly pain relief ointment) to help dull the aches and discomfort that often accompanies lifting heavy furniture. Once you’ve covered the moving day incidentals, you should also include basic wellness items such as cold medicine, cough drops, vitamins, sunscreen, bug spray, and antiseptic wipes.


Tools and Wall Hooks

Yes, you’ll have a landlord or property manager to handle any significant repairs. However, you’ll still want to bring along some commonly used tools and damage-free wall hooks with you on move-in day to put together anything that requires assembly as well as hang up some of your personal items like photos and artwork. Not only will the space instantly feel more familiar and inviting, but having the tools needed for setup also means you won’t have to disrupt your unpacking/decorating groove once you begin the process.


Shower Curtain and Bath Mat

Most people completely forget about bringing a shower curtain with them to their new apartment – until it’s too late. Moving day can be pretty strenuous. You’ll want to be able to hop in the shower without worrying about ruining the floors on your first day. Once you’ve selected a shower curtain, consider getting a matching bath mat as well.


Kitchen Essentials

Some people opt for disposable plates, cups, and utensils when they first move into a new apartment. However, buying a few vital kitchen items can help make you feel more officially moved in. Best of all, some home goods department stores offer weekly coupons and low-priced sets to keep your costs as reasonable as possible. Consider a dinnerware set that includes dishes, bowls, and mugs. If you can’t quite afford a full-service for 8-12 people, start with a service for 4 and add to it as you can. Additionally, you’ll want water glasses, utensils (both cooking and eating), basic pans, pots, and a cookie sheet as well as some smaller appliances like a blender, toaster, and microwave if it’s not provided in your unit. Don’t forget to bring along some of your favorite spices as well to make it simple to whip up a favorite meal once you’re settled.


Basic Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies in any new apartment is a must. A reputable landlord or property manager will have your apartment thoroughly cleaned before your arrival. However, you’ll still want to give everything a good wipe down before you start unpacking. Multi-surface sprays, paper towels, laundry products, bathroom scrubs and solutions, dishwashing soap, sponges, disinfectants, mops, brooms, and dustpans are just a few of the critical cleaning items you’ll want to have before your relocation day.


Plugs, Cords, and Batteries

You’ll want to get all of your clocks, computers, and appliances plugged-in and ready to go as soon as you arrive. Be sure to bring plenty of batteries (all sizes), extension cords, and power strips to make unpacking as seamless as possible.


Storage Options

Once you’ve unpacked everything, you’ll want options on where to store and/or display the things you’ll use or need easy access to in the space. Media cabinets, desks, bookshelves, and even ottomans explicitly designed with a storage compartment can help you keep your items readily available when you need them.

apartment moving checklist, loveland apartment rental
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