preparing your apartment for winterSummer quickly faded away to fall in Colorado and before we know it winter will be here in full swing. Colorado may have a tendency to sway back and forth between seasonal temperatures and weather, but if you’ve lived here long enough, you’ll know you can’t count on a nice day when you need it most. Before that bitter cold and inches of snow hit, take the time to prepare your apartment in Loveland for the winter months with a few simple steps and tips.

1. Convert Your Closet

Living in an apartment doesn’t always provide you with the greatest amount of closet space and like countless others, you likely have to rotate your wardrobe based on the season. During the early weeks of fall, you probably will use a combination of your fall and summer clothes, but as we get farther into these fall months, those shorts and tank tops quickly become a thing of the past. To get yourself ready for winter, take a few hours to convert your wardrobe. Tuck away flip flops at the back of the closet, bringing boots and closed-toed shoes toward the front. Likewise with clothing, bring sweaters, hoodies, scarves, and warmer socks easier to reach so that it’s easier to dress warmly when you wake up to a random snowstorm or cold front.



2. Get Those Blankets Out

During the summer, your bedding needs are drastically different than during the winter. Before you wake up freezing in the middle of the night, make sure you get the blankets, flannel sheets, and cozy comforters ready to go. Colorado weather is unpredictable, but the farther we get into fall, the colder nights become. Layering bedding can be a perfect way to help you as you adapt to the cooler overnight temperatures.

3. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

It may seem counterproductive to run a ceiling fan during winter, after all, you want to warm up your apartment, not cool it down. But in reality, a ceiling fan can help. Ceiling fans have a switch on the side, that when flipped will change the rotation of the fan. When you flip that switch and run the fan at low speeds, you can actually help to pull the cooler air up and then help circulate the warmer air that has risen toward the ceiling and walls.

4. Prep Windows for That Cold Air

One of the most common culprits of cold apartments is the windows of the home. Whether your apartment has newer, insulated windows or older single pane ones, there are steps you can take to keep cold air from coming in. Ask your property manager to have any holes in the caulking repaired or invest in heavy, insulated curtains. Make sure that you don’t add curtain rods without property manager approval, but if your apartment already has curtain rods available, swapping out lightweight materials for thermal or insulated curtains will make a significant difference in keeping the home warm.

5. Make Sure the Furnace Is Working Properly

By this point, you’re surely running the heater overnight, if not during the day as well. Temperatures have already dropped to cold and chilly, but soon enough chilly will fade away and only cold will remain. To keep yourself and your family warm and comfortable, you depend on the furnace and heating system of the home. To ensure that your furnace is ready to take on even the coldest day, make sure that it is working properly. If they haven’t already, your property manager will likely schedule furnace maintenance during which the system is cleaned and inspected. Regardless if this is done, be sure to report any concerns on the function or efficiency of the furnace so that those issues can be taken care of before you’re left without heat on the coldest winter day.

6. Buy Those Winter Necessities

Snow, ice, wind, and cold all require you to have certain items to get through the conditions. Things such as snow boots, ice scrapers, mittens, and shovels are all things you should have readily available. Even if you check the weather report daily, things can change quickly, so it’s far better to be prepared than to be caught off-guard.

7. Property Owners: Invest in Maintenance

Homes deteriorate when they’re not looked after, regardless of the weather. As a property owner, you have a responsibility to maintain the apartments that you own to provide your renters with a safe place to live. Make sure that you are investing the time and money needed to extend the life and maximize the profits of your investment. Make a checklist of things you can do to prepare your property for the winter months and commit to getting those things done to avoid headaches in the future.


Maintaining a rental property can be a lot of work, but our experienced property management team at All Property Services is here to help.

preparing your apartment for winter
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