apartment rental questions Looking for the perfect apartment requires lots of apartment rental questions and research. If you’re moving to Loveland, you’ll want to figure out the best neighborhoods in Loveland, your budget, and what apartment amenities are most important to you.


Keeping all the units organized in your head can be overwhelming! When looking at potential Loveland apartments for rent, be sure to ask these seven questions.


How do I pay rent?

One of the most important questions is how to pay rent—do you send a check, pay through an online portal, or set up recurring payments through your bank? Be sure to ask when rent is due and what fees occur if rent is late.


Are there reserved parking spots?

Before signing a lease, be sure to find out if you get an assigned parking spot, how many spots are reserved per unit, and what the cost is for parking. Some apartments have reserved spots for every resident, but it may come with a monthly fee. If there isn’t reserved parking, ask about street parking rules in the neighborhood and make sure there is a safe place to park your car.


Are pets allowed?

Planning to bring your pet dog or cat to your new apartment? Before you do, check to see if pets are allowed. It’s common for complexes to allow small pets for an additional monthly fee. Loveland is a fairly pet-friendly town, but it’s still helpful to ask the details before signing a lease.


Are there any limits on how I can decorate?

Most apartments require the unit to be in the same shape when you move out as it was when you moved in. That means doing things like painting, putting nails in the walls, or hanging shelves can cause you to get penalized or lose your security deposit. If you have big decorating plans, be sure to ask or check the lease agreements before you do something that could be very costly.


Does the building have quiet hours?

Many apartment complexes have quiet hours posted when residents should turn down their music and try to control the noise while others may be sleeping. Ask to see what these guidelines are and what the penalties are if they are broken.


What utilities are included?

Your rent could include all utilities, or you may be required to pay those separately, which could potentially bust your budget. Before moving in, ask to see what utilities are covered. Ask about gas, electricity, cable, trash removal, and Wi-Fi. If they aren’t included, try to get an estimate about how much they will cost.


What’s the process for moving out?

Renters typically sign a lease for a certain amount of time, such as six or 12 months. Be sure to clarify the process for renewing the lease or giving notice before moving out. It’s common for apartments to require 30 or 60 days notice before your move-out date. Ask what the penalties are for not following the move-out procedure—in many instances, it could include losing your security deposit.

apartment rental questions
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