Beer and Bikes in Fort Collins

February 19, 2016

If there’s two things Coloradans love, it’s bikes and beer. Beer and bikes in Fort Collins are not necessarily an uncommon combination. And while there has always been plenty of opportunities to mix these two loves, a bike shop in Fort Collins is taking it to the next level.

Brave New Wheel, a 33-year-old bike shop just north of the CSU campus, recently applied for a license to serve beer and wine in its store. If approved at its hearing in early February, the store will be able to serve drinks to customers as they wait for bike repairs, just another way to let cycling enthusiasts spend time together. The store said it wouldn’t change its hours or try to become a bar, but rather a place where people are able to enjoy two things they really love. It’s not the first time a bike shop in Colorado has tried to combine bikes and beers, which just goes to show how deeply the state’s passions are rooted.

Whether you live in Fort Collins or are just passing through, there's one thing you're likely to notice: the biking community is already strong in Northern Colorado, with numerous meetings, rides, and training events scheduled throughout the year. Brave New Wheels’ new service is sure to take this community to the next level as it embraces and enhances the comfortable, fun environment of the shop.

Fort Collins is home to a huge concentration of bike shops, with nearly two dozen throughout the city. If Brave New Wheels’ endeavor is approved and successful, many Fort Collins-based shop owners said they would be interested in following suit, making a beer-serving bike shop the new normal. With all of the creative and unique ideas that come out of Colorado, it only makes sense for the idea to grow from here, especially if stores are able to increase their revenue and entice new customers.

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