Looking to Rent in Fort Collins? Find the Best Fort Collins Neighborhoods

September 10, 2018

best fort collins neighborhoodsMoving to Fort Collins? Get ready for sunny summers, snowy winters, and gorgeous views around every turn. Before you get settled in your new city, you’ll need a place to live. There are Fort Collins homes for rent in all neighborhoods of the city. Search around the city to find the best Fort Collins Neighborhoods for your next rental home.


Renting a home in Fort Collins offers a number of advantages over renting an apartment or condo. With a house, you will likely have more space than an apartment, which can be used for roommates, a larger family, or just more space for hobbies or relaxing. Rental houses also often have yards and private outdoor spaces, which most apartment complexes don’t offer. A rental house is a great option for a families or pet owners. They can also be a great stepping stone for people new to an area or for those who are saving up to buy their first home.


If you’ve decided a rental home is the right fit for you, the next step is deciding what part of Fort Collins you want to live in. Here are just a few of the best Fort Collins neighborhoods.


Downtown and Old Town

Located in the central part of Fort Collins, Old Town is close to Colorado State University and has a thriving food, art, and nightlife scene. It’s paradise for walkers and bike riders. The residents here tend to be younger with lots of college students, and there’s great energy and always something going on. This area features many of Fort Collins’ tourist sites, including Old Town Square, Museum of Art Fort Collins, and Downtown Artery. Old Town features a number of historic homes.


University Park

University Park is located next to CSU and bridges the gap between college life and the suburbs. The area is great for walking or riding a bike and offers easy access to some of the more urban attractions but also includes the amenities and comfort of a suburban neighborhood. For the people who want the best of both worlds, University Park is a great option.


North Fort Collins

The north part of town tends to be more established, with many neighborhoods offering small amounts of acreage for a country-like feel in the city. North Fort Collins also features new construction in some areas and is home to the Fort Collins Country Club for homes with golf course views and access.


Old Prospect

The Old Prospect neighborhood is surrounded by parks and offers easy access to schools, shopping, and restaurants on its many trails. The homes tend to be older but well maintained and stylish. Old Prospect is a small neighborhood in high demand, and for good reason.


Huntington Hills

Located towards the south side of Fort Collins, Huntington Hills is known as one of the most family-friendly parts of the city. With its proximity to the foothills and many family attractions, including the large Fossil Creek Park and a fun pool, the neighborhood is a popular spot for families of all sizes. Homes in Huntington Hills tend to be newer with modern amenities.


Fossil Creek

The Fossil Creek neighborhood is generally home to more established families with slightly older children. The Fossil Creek area is known for its high-quality schools and great outdoor space. Fossil Creek tends to have a diverse population and a wide range of housing options.


Fort Collins has something for everyone. There are a variety of Fort Collins homes for rent; the trick is to find the perfect Fort Collins neighborhood and location to meet your needs.


Finding a Rental in One of the Best Fort Collins Neighborhoods


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