Best Loveland Neighborhoods for Renting a Home

September 11, 2018

best loveland neighborhoodsLoveland is a great mixture of old and new. Some of the best Loveland neighborhoods offer the amenities and culture of city living with the views and space of suburban or country life. In Loveland, you can enjoy a great art exhibit and international cuisine and then drive five minutes to be at a trailhead for a hike with sweeping views of the foothills and Boedecker Lake. It’s no wonder lots of people want to live in this city for renting a home.


There are lots of Loveland homes for rent, but the important step is finding the right location for your rental home. Loveland has a huge variety of neighborhoods with something for everyone. No matter if you want a lively urban feel or something with a bit more land, you can find it in Loveland. Here are some of the top Loveland neighborhoods in the city:



Conveniently located close to I-25, Centerra is one of the newest Loveland neighborhoods. It features a mixture of homes, condos, shopping stores, and restaurants and is popular with younger families and professionals. It’s easy to find everything that you need in Centerra, including a beautiful sculpture garden and great shopping. The houses are newer and tend to be more expensive than older parts of town, but it can be worth it to be in a lively and safe area.


Little Dam

If you want a more rural neighborhood, Little Dam could be a great fit. It’s located on the west side of Loveland and is nestled up to the foothills for stunning views. Houses here have larger property sizes than can be found in most other parts of town. Little Dam has a wide variety of demographics, ranging from young families to retirees. The neighborhood is more spread out but offers great access to hiking and biking trails.



Located on the south end of Loveland, Campion is home to larger homes and tends to be a little pricier. The area is well established and features lots of families and long-time Loveland residents. Campion is a safe place to live and is known for its good schools and parks. Real estate moves fast in this high-demand neighborhood, but it can be a great place to live if you can score a rental home.


City Center

City Center is the historic hub of Loveland and has some of the city’s oldest homes. It's a diverse neighborhood and is home to many families and professionals with unique backgrounds. With great access to restaurants, shopping, and historic attractions, City Center has something for everyone. City Center is also very easy to get around by walking or riding a bike.


Highland Meadows

This is the neighborhood for golf lovers. Highland Meadows is located in the northeast corner of Loveland. Its crown jewel is the Highland Meadows Golf Course, but the entire area is full of established homes and beautiful outdoor spaces. Homes here offer great access to the rest of the I-25 corridor and the rest of Northern Colorado.


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