organizing ideas on a budgetAfter a long hunt for the right Fort Collins apartment, it feels great to finally get settled. But then reality hits and you’re surrounded by all of your belongings. In a new place, the last thing you want to do is spend even more money to get things organized. Here are some of the best creative and affordable organizing ideas.

Bedroom Organization

In the bedroom, try to find creative ways for extra storage. A bench or ottoman can double as extra storage for blankets or seasonal clothing. Use shallow storage containers under the bed for household items you don’t use as much. If you need extra room, use cinder blocks or bed risers to lift the bed slightly and give yourself more room for storage containers underneath.


But even with extra storage, you still need to follow some organizing ideas. Lean a wooden ladder against the wall to organize blankets. Store seasonal clothing in large plastic bins that you can rotate as the weather changes. Use small dividers to keep nightstand drawers organized for smaller items.



Organizing the Kids’ Rooms

Organization is also huge in the kids’ rooms, where toys can be a major issue. Start by dividing the toys by type and making sure that everything has a home. A large laundry basket can be used to store stuffed animals. Put a hanging organizer on the closet bar for puzzles and board games. Storage cubes and small plastic containers can divide toys like blocks and legos into smaller groups. Just make sure every container is labeled so kids know where to put things away.


For larger toys like push cars, bikes, and wagons, create “parking spaces” on the floor with blue painter’s tape so they get put away right every time.


Organizing the Bathroom

Bathroom storage makes all the difference in an apartment. Keep that in mind when looking for the perfect place. Find an affordable standing shelf unit that goes over the toilet. This can make a big difference in the room. Use baskets on those shelves or under the sink to store beauty and healthcare items. Use a spinning spice caddy to store makeup and beauty products on the counter. If permitted by your landlord, you may be able to put skinny shelves on the wall behind the bathroom door for skin and hair products. Shelves or baskets on the wall can store extra towels or toilet paper.


Organizing the Closets

The key to an organized closet is making sure everything has a place that is labeled for easy access. Keep items you use more frequently at eye level and save the high and low spaces for things you don’t need as often.


Over-the-door shoe holders can hold more than just shoes. These organizers are fairly inexpensive and can be customized to hold whatever you need. Hang one inside a closet door to hold cleaning supplies in each cubby, or over the pantry door to hold small packs of snacks. They can also be used to store items like socks, toy dolls, or craft supplies.


Kitchen Organization

In the kitchen, it’s all about repurposing and making things easy to access. A plastic magazine holder can be the perfect home for boxes of plastic wrap, plastic bags, and tin foil. Attach a metal angled magazine rack to the wall or the side of a cupboard and use it to hold those awkward pot lids.


To keep your pantry organized, divide items into labeled storage containers, such as for snacks or baking items. Use rotating soda can holders for canned goods. One rotating holder can be for canned vegetables, one for canned fruit, and one for soup or whatever you need. Attach small plastic drawer dividers to the inside of the pantry door to hold smaller items like spices. Many of the containers and dividers for pantry organization can be found inexpensively at the dollar store.


Organization can make all the difference in turning a rental apartment into a home. It shouldn’t have to be a costly task to find creative organizing ideas and solutions. Remember to make sure everything has a home and to keep up with putting things away where they belong, and your rental property can always be organized.

organizing ideas on a budget
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