Back to School Necessities for College Apartments

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Preparing to join Colorado State University – or any other university – can be overwhelming. From ensuring that you have all the admission documents ready to pick the right apartment for your semester, your checklist can go on and on. For your stay to be comfortable, however, you ought to carry a ...
college school supply necessities

Finding the Right Roommate Can Take Some Work

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Have you found the apartment of your dreams but simply can’t make the monthly costs work with your budget? If so, you may have decided to look for a roommate.   This isn’t the only reason people decide to share a living space, of course. There are many advantages to living with a ...
two roommates moving a couch into their new apartment

10 Apps That Any Renter Could Benefit From Using

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In this day and age, nearly everything can be done from the palm of your hand, even making renting in Fort Collins easier and more convenient. Regardless if you have an iPhone or an Android, there is an app for nearly everything just waiting to be downloaded. With the right app, renters ...
woman using rental app on her phone

Fun Summer Events and Activities To Do in Loveland

Warm weather, sunshine, and beautiful views—nothing beats summer in Loveland, Colorado. One of the major benefits to renting in Loveland is being part of a strong community. Loveland is regularly recognized as a great place to live, largely because of the friendly and diverse population and the strong community.   Many of the city’s ...
large community barbecue event
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