Top Tips to Make a Dark Apartment Bright

March 27, 2019

how to brighten dark apartments greeley apartmentsDoes your apartment feel like a dark cave? When looking for Fort Collins apartments for rent, you might have found the perfect place, except for the fact that there’s very little natural light. Even if you aren’t allowed to paint the walls, you can still brighten up the space without paint. Here are four top tips or ways to brighten a rental.


Add Lighting

The easiest way to brighten up a space is to combat darkness with light. Add as much light as you can! Light is both functional and stylish—you need it to perform tasks, but it can also change the entire feel of the space. Aim for a mix of larger lamps that light the entire room and smaller, more localized lights for specific areas and tasks. Use clear covers on lamps instead of dark shades and try to find lightbulbs that are warm and bright.


If possible, try to embrace natural light. Open the blinds when it’s light outside or move furniture away from the window to allow in more light. Replace heavy or dark curtains with sheer panels or lighter alternatives. If you can change the blinds, opt for smaller blinds that are easy to open. Click here for more ideas about lighting small spaces.


Use Light Furniture

In a dark room, the last thing you want is dark, bulky furniture that will just make the space seem darker and smaller. Instead, opt for lighter furniture pieces. This can mean lighter colors, such as white or light gray items or lighter materials, such as wicker or mesh, which allows for more light to flow through.


Instead of one large piece of furniture, break it up with multiple smaller pieces. That means that instead of having a large sectional couch, choose a smaller couch and love seat. Use a pair of armchairs for seating instead of one large unit. Using smaller pieces breaks up the space better and allows the limited light to flow through the room more easily.


Add Colorful Accents

A room doesn’t have to be completely white to be bright. Even colors can break up a dark space and make it feel brighter and more inviting. You also don’t have to buy all new furniture for a dark space. Add colorful accents wherever you can. Bright throw pillows or blankets on the couch can add a pop of color, just like colorful artwork or window treatments. Warm tones are best for brightening dark spaces, so stick to colors like red, yellow, green, and brown. Click here to learn more about warm and cool tones.


In a dark space, walls can be your greatest asset. They’re often just blank canvases that can have a huge impact on the room. Look for large pieces of artwork to break up dark walls and add color and personality. Oversized pieces can draw attention away from the dark room and help people focus more on the style of the space. Even without paint, creative solutions like a wall of curtains or shelves can make a space seem brighter.


Decorate with Glass and Mirrors

The best materials to lighten a space are glass and mirrors, which reflect light and make a space seem larger and more open. Glass and mirrors reflect light from a lamp to make it seem like there is more light in the room. Bring in glass furniture, such as a glass coffee table or chairs. Put a mirror in the corner or on the wall, especially if it is opposite a window to reflect the natural light. Use mirrored light fixtures or picture frames. Even high-gloss finishes on furniture or décor can help shine more light in the room.


A dark space doesn’t have to feel sterile and bland. There are plenty of options to add brightness and personality to a space without paint. These suggestions can help turn even the darkest space into a bright and welcoming room.

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