Best & Worst Times to Rent an Apartment

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Are you ready to move? Renting an apartment is a big decision—both for your budget and lifestyle. The real estate market can be volatile and overwhelming, so many renters want to know the best time of the year to rent an apartment to avoid some of the stress of not being able ...

Unexpected Expenses of Owning a Rental Property

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Owning a rental property can be a great source of passive income—but it also requires costs that many potential landlords don’t understand. Before you make the jump to turn your house into a rental and hire a property management company, be aware of these 10 unexpected expenses of owning a rental property:     Taxes ...
woman assessing the various fees of owning a rental property

How to Turn Your Home into a Rental Property

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Are you ready to become a landlord and start making rental income? Owning a rental property can be an incredible business opportunity and lead to passive income. If you already own a home and are moving or looking to buy another home to live in, converting your home into a rental property ...
updating a rental home with a fresh coat of paint

What to Look for When Touring a New Apartment

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Finding a new Colorado apartment can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting. With so much to consider, knowing what things to look for in your next rental can help as you narrow down your options.   Before you sign a lease, be sure to tour potential apartments and see them in person. ...
man looking around new apartment

How to Secure Your Rental Property

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After getting settled in your Northern Colorado rental, it’s time to think about something very important: your home security. Although Northern Colorado is a relatively safe place, crime has no address and home security is still important. And rental properties bring unique circumstances that often require special home security plans, especially as you ...
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Should I Rent Storage or Get a Bigger Apartment?

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  Most people have been there: looking around their apartments and realizing they have a lot of stuff. That may be how you have been feeling.   You might start to feel cramped with so many items and get the urge to upsize your Northern Colorado apartment. There are lots of ways to expand ...
renting storage vs getting larger apartment

6 Reasons to Rent in Downtown Fort Collins in 2023

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When looking for Fort Collins homes to rent, a popular location to consider is downtown—and for good reason. Downtown Fort Collins offers many amenities for renters and has something for everyone, whether you enjoy being outdoors, seeing great art, or trying the hottest new restaurant. And you can do it all without having ...
downtown fort collins

What Are the Income Requirements for Renting

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Many property owners impose rental income requirements for prospective tenants renting their apartments. Property managers and landlords usually state their requirements on marketing material such as brochures or when requesting a rental application.   If you are unlike, others won\'t say anything and turn down your application or deny you tenancy because of your ...
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Renting Your First Home: What You Need to Know

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Finding and renting a home for the first time can be an exciting and daunting process. There’s a lot to consider, from choosing the ideal rental space to knowing how to protect your rights under the property management company or landlord. All you need is a good deal for your preferred property. ...
renting your first home
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