How to Choose the Right Apartment for Elderly Parents

March 5, 2019

helping elderly parents find an apartmentIt’s a situation many people find themselves in: helping their elderly parents find an apartment. Perhaps your parents are ready to downsize from their larger home or they simply need a new place to live close to family. You want to find a place that is comfortable for them and meets all of their needs. As you consider a Loveland apartment rental, here are the top tips for helping your elderly parents find their new home.


Discover What Matters to Your Parents

Your elderly parents might need help finding an apartment, but it will still be their home so you should involve them as much as possible. Before you begin your hunt, find out what matters most to them. Perhaps they want to be close to their grandchildren or their doctor. They might want to be walking distance to the senior center or have a view of the mountains. Find out the size of apartment they’re looking for, their budget, and any must-have features. Just like any apartment search, this will help you narrow your search to find the perfect unit.


Consider Access

A third-floor walkup might have amazing views, but it could be difficult for your parents to access. Look for units on the ground floor or that have a reliable elevator nearby. Even if your parents are able to move around easily on their own now, that might not be the case down the road. Check to see if there is a wheelchair ramp nearby and if it is in good condition. If transportation is a concern for your parents, find out if the apartment is near a bus line or if it has covered parking. The goal of a senior apartment is to make it as easy and safe to access as possible.


Look at Amenities

Part of the beauty of living in an apartment is the amenities. Compared to living in a house or some condos, there is much less upkeep and maintenance. Before you sign a contract, make sure you know what is included in the unit. Does the complex take care of raking leaves and shoveling snow? Do they allow small pets? Also check if there are other amenities like a fitness center, pool, or social activities. Moving to an apartment can be a big transition, and nice amenities can make a difference. Some apartment complexes even cater to senior citizens with special activities and social gatherings.


Ask About Safety

Seniors can be at a greater risk to become victims of crime because they often can’t defend themselves. Make sure your parents’ apartment is in a safe neighborhood. Walk and drive around the neighborhood at different times of day to see if there is any suspicious activity. You should also check the complex’s safety measures, such as cameras in common outdoor spaces, locks on outside doors, and security systems in the units. These extra measures can protect your parents and provide them and you with better peace of mind.


Consult an Aging Advisor

Many cities and senior centers have aging advisors who are experts in the local senior scene. They may be able to point you towards an area that is popular with seniors and give extra assistance in finding the perfect apartment. An aging advisor can be especially useful if your elderly parents have mobility or health issues that require special assistance. Their knowledge of local resources can help your parents find the perfect living situation. Click here for more information about resources and advocates for seniors.


Moving to an apartment can be a big transition for elderly parents. Taking the time to include them in a thorough apartment search can help them find the perfect unit to make the move easier. Look at all your options and find an apartment that keeps your parents safe and happy.


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