8 Common Mistakes First-Time Renters Make

June 25, 2019

renter mistakes to avoid, greeley rental homeAs a first-time renter, you're probably eager to find the right Loveland house rental that suits your needs. While looking through available rental properties is exciting, it's important to maintain a practical attitude throughout the search. Finding a house that suits your needs may seem straightforward enough. However, there are several key factors to consider before racing through to sign a contract, without considering the details and possible downsides of a property. Don't let excitement cloud your judgment when searching for your next Greeley home for rent. Go into the process knowing some of the most common mistakes new tenants make.



Some common mistakes include:


Not Inspecting the Property

This is especially common for first-time renters searching for available properties outside of the city where they currently reside. If you're looking for Greeley properties from a distance, you may feel tempted to rush into an agreement before you have an opportunity to see it for yourself. Resist getting locked into a lease before you can schedule a viewing. Even having access to photos or videos isn't an equitable alternative to assessing the property for yourself. Whenever possible, coordinate an in-person inspection so you can see the current condition of the rental, functionality of its features, and any pre-existing damage.


Not Knowing Your Budget

Some rookie renters quickly get caught up in high-end features like stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, and whirlpool tubs. Luxury features often come at luxury price points. First-time tenants can quickly find themselves trapped in a lease that exceeds their budget. Fortunately, you shouldn't have to stretch your finances too thin in Greeley. There is a diverse inventory of beautifully designed rental homes at every pricing level, so you can find one that you can comfortably afford.


Not Checking out the Neighborhood

No matter how much you love your rental property, at some point, you will want to leave the house and enjoy some of the sights and activities offered in your new zip code. Before making your final decision, drive through the town, checking out the shops, restaurants, and community features like schools, parks, and hospitals. You should also consider other factors such as access to major roadways to ensure commuter convenience as well.


Not Reading Your Lease

Yes, contracts are often the equivalent of a giant yawn. However, understanding what you're agreeing to throughout the duration of your lease is critical. Take your time to read, question, and completely understand the terms of your contract, so you're fully equipped to move-in with all the tools needed to be a responsible, lease-abiding tenant. Following the rules will help you avoid getting evicted as well as help you do what you can to regain your security deposit at the end of the engagement. Remember - future landlords may call your first landlord as a reference on what type of renter you are, making it crucial to leave your rental on the best note possible.


Not Considering Storage

Many would-be renters fall in love with a property's updated interiors and new appliances, completely forgetting about a more practical feature like storage. Limited storage can quickly translate into messy, cluttered, and uncomfortable living space. When you're making up your mind on which place to choose, think about the available closets and built-ins available, so you're not left having to rent a storage facility (or cramming everything under the bed).


Not Setting up Utilities

Most rental properties require the new tenant to coordinate their own utilities such as electricity, heat, and possibly even water. Don’t risk moving into your home in the cold and dark. Coordinate the transfer of all essential utilities before your move. While you're at it, you should also consider getting other services, such as cable, Internet, and phone as well.


Not Screening Potential Roommates

Many first-time renters are so excited about their potential move that they fail to carefully and thoroughly screen prospective roommates. Your living experience is important. Plus, if you're on the lease, you may be liable for any contract breaches or property damage caused by your roommate. Don't just select the first person that arrives with half of next month's rent in hand. Choose wisely. If you're going to be living with a stranger, always check references. Once you've made your choice, establish some ground rules of engagement early to keep you both on the same page and help support a positive roomie experience.

Not Researching Your Future Landlord

Many new tenants fall in love with the place, forgetting that they will also have to deal with the landlord or property management company throughout the lease. Who you rent from is just as important as where and what you'll rent. Do your research on potential landlords, checking out their online reputation and even checking references from other renters to make sure you're signing a contract with someone who's available and responsive to tenants' needs.


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