Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Apartment for Christmas

December 9, 2019

decorating first apartment on a budgetWith the Christmas season officially underway, holiday decorating is sure to be in full swing at every apartment in Northern Colorado. If this is your first apartment on your own, the excitement of filling the space with Christmas cheer can quickly add up in cost. With so many holly jolly things to choose from at every store, decorating your first apartment for Christmas on a budget can be difficult. If you need to make room in your budget for both gifts and décor, here are a few affordable ways to decorate your apartment for Christmas.


Accumulate Decorations Little by Little

One of the best ways to keep from overspending is to slowly fill your home rather than going for a full Christmas overhaul. Whether it’s your first Christmas in your first apartment or simply your first Christmas in this apartment, you can stay on budget by limiting your purchases to a few special things each year. Maybe this year you invest in a new tree and its trimmings, then next year you look for the perfect decorations for your mantle. Regardless of how you do it, doing it little by little will keep you from overspending.


Take Advantage of Sales

All throughout December, you will find great sales on holiday décor at nearly every retailer. If you are searching for the perfect tree, Santa, or snowman for your apartment, be on the lookout for special sales at your favorite store. Don’t hesitate to buy something you absolutely love while it’s on sale.


Keep It Simple

Sometimes a few simple touches can make a big impact. Keep in mind that you do not have to transform your home into a winter wonderland or a variation of Santa’s workshop to get in the Christmas spirit. Simple decorations can bring the perfect amount of holiday spirit without overpowering your apartment or your bank account.


Tree twigs and pinecones are perfect for bookshelves, while a strand of garland is perfect across the mantle. Ribbon can be tied around pieces of existing décor to bring Christmas throughout your home without changing anything. Wreaths and doormats are the prefect way to spruce up your entryway, while holiday hand towels will spruce up a bathroom or the kitchen. It doesn’t take much to bring joy and cheer into your home.


Give Old Decorations New Life

Even if this is your first apartment in Northern Colorado, you may not be starting your Christmas decorating completely from scratch. If you have a box or two of old Christmas ornaments that were passed down to you, don’t discard them even if they’re a little worn or outdated. There are several simple and cost-effective ways to give new life to old Christmas ornaments. Ornaments or other decorative pieces that are scratched, worn, or faded can easily be transformed with a coat of spray paint or a hot glue gun. You’d be amazed at the difference some paint, ribbon, and glitter can make.


Don’t Be Shy to DIY

During the month of December, kids bring home Christmas arts and crafts projects from school on a regular basis. While some may be cute enough to hang on the fridge, many others get thrown away. Homemade Christmas decorations don’t all have to end up in the trash, however. You can find countless ideas for easy, yet beautiful, DIY Christmas decorations that’ll save your bank account without compromising on the amount of holiday décor. Using anything from cardboard boxes to coffee filters, you can create a variety of cute and stylish decorations.


Look Around Your Local Thrift Store

One of the best-kept secrets to finding affordable, yet attractive Christmas decorations is to scour a nearby second-hand store. Thrift stores are packed with Christmas decorations at this time of year, and much of it is in perfect condition. Regardless if you prefer a décor theme that’s red, green, and jolly or one with white, gold, and elegance, you are sure to find a few ornaments, trinkets, or timeless pieces by scanning the shelves of a nearby Goodwill.


Don’t Pass Up on Christmas Clearance

The day after Christmas, all retailers begin to mark down their remaining Christmas items. This is the perfect time to stock up on decorations and save money. Everything from twinkle lights and outdoor decorations to stockings and tree ornaments will be marked down on December 26th, so don’t let your Christmas shopping end too soon.

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