It’s hard to feel at home in a space that lacks personality and warmth. When working to create a welcoming space, decorating is a must. Before you take off to buy paint and a package of nails, make sure you are fully aware of the permissions and limitations to decorating in your lease agreement.


Some renters find it more challenging to know how to create a beautiful and inviting space when there are limitations as to what they can do. This does not have the be the discouraging end-all. And even if you don’t personally feel like you have many creative ideas, there are solutions that can make your apartment a relaxing retreat. Because it is so important that you feel at home in your rental while at the same time honoring the lease you’ve agreed to, here are 9 apartment decorating tips that won’t break the rules.


Decorate with beautiful area rugs

decorate with area rugsMore than likely, you cannot replace the rug, tile, or wood floors in your rental. But you can give your floors a quick makeover simply by adding an area rug. Not only can you cover floors that aren’t in the best shape or don’t match your style, but it’s also a great way to add the perfect foundation for the furniture in your apartment. A nice area rug can do wonders in transforming an otherwise uninteresting space.


Add pops of color to the room

Perhaps you are not permitted to paint in your apartment. That does not mean you can’t add color to make the space your own. Get creative with accent accessories like pillows, throws, colorful vases, picture frames, etc. and add that beautiful, attention-grabbing pop of color to your space. Find an accent chair that brings interest to the room while tying in well with the rest of your furniture (and that new area rug!).


Keep Things  Lively…with Houseplants

decorating with houseplantsNothing brings life and vibrant color into an apartment space like a houseplant. Not only are they excellent as part of your decor, they’re also great for the air quality in your home. A tall plant can add height to a room and fill up an awkward corner. Plants can be used to provide a calming and relaxing effect in your space and are the perfect touch to making your apartment feel like home.


Hang Curtains

Apartments often already have some type of window treatments, like window blinds. One of the ways you can add your personal touch is to hang curtains that help unify the window area and surrounding walls with the rest of your decor. If you are not able to use screws or nails to hang your curtain rod, tension rods are a helpful solution. You can find very basic tension rods, but they also make more decorative styles that will help the final product look more complete.


Find an Eye-catching Centerpiece for Your Table

Updating the cabinets, cabinet hardware, and appliances may not be options you can employ in your decorating. However, you can create visual appeal for your kitchen/dining area by adding an eye-catching centerpiece to your table. Sometimes seemingly small touches like this are just what it takes to give your space the personality you crave.


Decorate with Baskets and Crates

decorating your apartment

Sometimes a frustrating challenge when living in a smaller apartment is storage space. Maybe you can’t add built-in decorative shelving, but you can still find excellent storage solutions that serve a decorative purpose. Adding woven baskets to a standing shelf is a great way to add texture to the room while providing more space to store your things. If you have space above your fridge and need a spot for more pantry items, place a pretty basket or two on the fridge.


There are so many creative ways to use crates that had interest and storage. Need a place to store your books but don’t have a bookshelf? Fill a crate filled with your books and use it as a decorative and practical piece next to a chair or on your coffee table.


You might enjoy doing a crate bookshelf like this one:

Consider Wall Decals and Removable Wallpaper

Wall decals are a possible solution if you want to add something to your wall but can’t use nails or tacks. Wallpaper has also recently made its way back into the trends and there is a removable wallpaper that you can get that removes just like a wall decal. If you are uncertain if your landlord would approve of removable wallpaper, it is always best to talk with them first to make sure you are not violating any lease terms.


Hang Artwork and Decor on Your Walls

Not being able to pound a nail into the wall doesn’t mean your walls have to be completely bare. Command hooks are an excellent way to hang artwork and other wall decor without damaging the walls. You can also find command strips that use velcro if you need a solution without a hook. You can get these hooks or command strips in different sizes and weight-holding limits. Make sure the hook or comman strip you are using can hold the weight of your decor piece.

Still Have Lots of Empty Wall Space?

You may still be limiting the number of things you put up on your walls because for certain things, command hooks may not be enough.


If you have a decor piece like a heavy mirror that won’t be held by a command hook or 2, you can opt for standing these kinds of pieces on a higher end table and leaning them up against the wall. Tall lamps, tall standing bookshelves, and other tall decor pieces that are not hung can also be a way of filling up wall spaces.


As you can see, decorating your apartment and making it feel like home is possible, even with certain limitations in place. If you are ever unsure about something, don’t hesitate to contact your landlord or the property management company that handles your rental. Happy decorating!

decorate with area rugs
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