design tricks for small spaces fort collinsFinding spacious yet affordable houses for rent in Fort Collins isn’t always easy, but you can make the smaller house that fits in your budget feel bigger by simply incorporating some unique design tricks. Decorating a small house strategically can help a space look and feel bigger giving you some flexibility in renting a house that you can afford while not feeling claustrophobic.


These simple design tips can help you enjoy your small rental home to the max:


1. Choose Light Colors for Furniture and Accent Pieces

Using light or neutral colored furniture and accent pieces is an easy way to make the space feel bigger. Dark colors can make a bold statement, but they will cause the room to feel more closed in and restricted. Lighter and even monochromatic colors create an airier feel that extends a feeling of openness in the room regardless of its size. This can apply to furniture, wall décor, curtains and accent pieces.

2. Hang Up Some Mirrors

Taking advantage of light is one of the most effective ways to make a space feel bigger. In small rental homes, you cannot always ensure that you will have an abundance of natural light, but you can include mirrors in your décor to maximize the light you do have. Light, whether natural or from interior lighting fixtures, will bounce off mirrors creating the illusion of a bigger space by creating depth. A floor length mirror in your bedroom or a decorative mirror over a console table can open the room without changing the size of the space.

3. Be Strategic with Your Furniture Arrangement

Where you place your furniture can have a big effect on how the space feels. Furniture that is arranged without a strategy to maximize the floor plan of the house can make rooms feel cluttered. However, if you follow some simple furniture arrangement tricks like the ones found here from Elle Décor, you can make your small rental home feel bigger and more open.

4. Get Smart with Storage

In a small space, storage can always be an obstacle. Do you take up some of the little space you have for a piece of furniture that will give you some storage solutions or do you overstuff your closets to open up an extra corner of the room? By getting creative with storage, you can enhance the feel and function of the space. Furniture pieces that double as storage such as bed frames with storage drawers underneath or coffee tables with a storage shelf can give you the storage solutions a small home requires.

5. Pick Furniture the Furniture That Should Fit in Your Space

People renting a small house often make the mistake of buying furniture that can fit in the room, rather than buying furniture that best fits the room. Smaller furniture isn’t always ideal, but it can make a significant difference in the flow and openness of a room. You aren’t limited to only small, compact pieces, but having a combination of pieces in varying sizes can optimize the available space and help to make the room feel bigger. Avoid squeezing in too much furniture, just because it fits. Be smart with both the amount and size of furniture.

6. Create a Focal Point That Will Draw Attention Away from the Size of the Room

A focal point in a small room will not only captivate the eye of visitors, but it will also trick the eye into seeing the space in a grander light. A good focal point draws attention and extends the space around it.

7. Opt for Multi-Functional Furniture

Just as furniture can be used to maximize storage, it can also be used to maximize function. For example, in a small baby’s room, a dresser can also function as a changing table allowing you the function you need without taking up extra, invaluable space.

8. Clear and Simple

A popular trend for small homes is clear furniture or accent pieces. Clear Lucite furniture opens the line of sight helping to extend the visual feel of the room. Lucite furniture can be found for anything from dining chairs to desks or console tables.

Finding Your Home in Fort Collins

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design tricks for small spaces fort collins
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