Tips for Becoming a Desirable Rental Home Tenant

August 6, 2019

tenants signing rental home leaseIf you're looking to rent a home in Fort Collins, you probably already know that the competition for landing a lease property in the area can be highly competitive. It's possible to edge out other would-be tenants vying for the same home you've had your eye on – you just have to know what your future landlord is looking for in renters. Here are seven tips for becoming a desirable rental home tenant to ensure you don't miss out on the right Greeley property for your specific needs and lifestyle:


Good Credit Score

Once you submit your rental application, your landlord will likely run a credit check on you to establish that you have a good credit rating. Having a positive credit score demonstrates that the person they are entrusting with their home is not only financially responsible but also is timely with their monthly payments. If you don't have a great credit score at the moment, you may want to research ways to help build up your rating to give you a better standing with potential landlords.


Consistent Income

Of course, paying your monthly bills on time requires a steady monthly income. When applying for the rental home in Greeley, you'll want to provide evidence that you're currently gainfully employed. Go into the application process with copies of your most recent pay stubs. Additionally, the property owner or management firm will typically look to confirm that your monthly income is approximately three times the monthly rental rate to better gauge your ability to make your rent.


Steady Rental History

Many renters are surprised to learn that property owners often do a deep dive into an applicant's rental history to determine if they have an established and stable leasing track record. Good tenants demonstrate consistency and stability in their living arrangements. Moving multiple times or even having a spotty employment history may all work against you, particularly if several potential renters are applying for the same house.


Glowing References

Another mark of a desirable tenant? Having a good relationship with former landlords. An experienced property management service or homeowner will often ask for information about where you're relocating from as well as some of the general reasons behind your move. They will also typically ask for at least two references from your previous landlords to probe deeper into the type of renter you are, how well you took care of the property, and whether you unexpectedly broke your lease before it ended. Getting a good review from past landlords can go a long way in setting you apart from other prospective tenants who also want to rent the home.


Full Transparency

One surefire way to establish yourself as an undesirable tenant? Lie on the application. No matter how much you may have your heart set on a specific property, you should never fudge the facts as an applicant. A reputable property management service will always conduct a thorough background check and verify all of the information offered on the application, making it essential to prioritize honesty. Your income, rental past, whether you have pets, and even questions about your criminal history should all be answered as truthfully as possible – otherwise, you may be out of the running for your selected property a lot sooner than you had anticipated.


Streamlined Process

Yes, you may have certain leasing details that you'd like to have modified or negotiate further within the contract – and a reputable property manager will always welcome you having the lease reviewed by a legal professional. However, trying to revamp the entire lease to suit your specific needs can be a potential red flag for your future landlord. Keep the process moving forward as expediently as possible by focusing only on the most essential items in the contract that require immediate attention and adjustment.


Move-In Availability

Landlords don't want to spin wheels and waste time with applicants who are just "window shopping" rental properties or who aren't quite prepared to move just yet. If you really want to distinguish yourself from other applicants, be sure to note exactly when you'll be ready to start your new lease.


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