Deciding What You Need When Moving from a House to an Apartment

February 26, 2019

downsizing from home to apartmentPeople choose to downsize to an apartment for several different reasons. Maybe your kids have all moved out, and you want a smaller, cozier nest rather than a big empty one. Perhaps that big house with the big yard has become too much of a financial burden. Or, you’ve taken up a minimalist lifestyle and feel like an apartment will make it easier. Regardless of the reason, making the decision to rent a Fort Collins apartment instead of a big house can be very beneficial.


Deciding to downsize to an apartment can be a difficult decision but going through your belongings and deciding what you truly need can be more difficult. Here are several practical tips to help you as you go through your things.


Remember Why You’re Downsizing

Sorting through years’ worth of possessions can be difficult, especially when you have enough to fill a house. Considering the reasons that made you decide to downsize in the first place can help as you decide on the things you really need.


  • To Save Money: Saving money on rent, utilities or maintenance is one of the most common reasons for downsizing. Carry that similar mindset as you decide what you need. Think about the small costs that come with certain belongings, and it’ll be easier to let them go.
  • To Spend Less Time on House Maintenance: Another big reason to downsize is for lower-maintenance living. In an apartment, you probably won’t need that random weed pulling tool, lawn mower or multiple cans of touch up paint.


You can read more about downsizing by clicking here and perhaps it’ll help give you insight on the things you’ll actually need for your apartment.


Remember How Much Space You’ll Have

Hit yourself with the reality of how much space you’ll have in your new apartment. You won’t have five bedrooms with walk-in closets anymore. You might not have a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen. Calculate the total space you’ll have and keep that at the forefront of your mind as you decide what stays and what goes.


Give Yourself Enough Time

Getting rid of belongings is not easy, and it isn’t done as quickly as you’d think. Make sure that you start packing for your move with plenty of time so that you’re able to go through things calmly. Failing to give yourself enough time will leave you with less space to sort through boxes and boxes of stuff.


Do a Little Bit at a Time

Going through years worth of belongings can be overwhelming and at times even frustrating. If you’ve given yourself enough time to get the job done, try going through one area at a time. Create a calendar that will keep you on track. Plan to do bigger areas on weekend days when you have more available time, then go through smaller areas on weekdays. A little bit at a time will help you remain productive without getting overwhelmed.


Make a List of What You Really Need

Before you tackle everything, take some time to assess your actual needs. You might even make a list of all the things you know you’ll need and the things that would be most beneficial to have, even if you don’t use them regularly. Track what you use on a continual basis to help you keep a focused mindset as you whittle down your house full of stuff into an apartment of important belongings.


Start with Storage Areas

It’s usually much easier to part ways with things you don’t see or use daily. So climb into the attic or go down to the basement storage room and start going through those things first. Chances are you’ll find stuff you didn’t even remember you had, much less need.


Sort, Sort, Sort

As you’re going through things, sort it all into different piles or boxes. You can even purge as you sort your items into different categories such as:


  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Give
  • Donate
  • Trash


There Are Things You Can’t Live Without

While taking only what’s absolutely necessary is good in theory, we all have possessions that we just can’t live without, even if they don’t serve a functional purpose. Some things simply carry too much sentimental value to part ways with and there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re finding that everything you own has too much sentimental value, then you might consider Marie Kondo’s approach, the KonMari method, which you can read more about by clicking here. The KonMari Method primarily encourages tidying up, but it can also help immensely as you work towards deciding on the items that hold the most value to you as you downsize to a smaller home.

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