How Property Managers Can Use Facebook Live


If you’ve looked at Facebook lately, you have probably noticed that your feed is filled with videos. You may have even watched a few of them. While video isn’t new to Facebook, and Property Managers have been using it for years to showcase properties, there is a brand-new feature called Facebook Live. This new feature could revolutionize the way you market and manage your properties. If you’ve been hesitant to use video as a property management tool, either because the equipment is expensive or it takes a long time to set up, you are in luck. Gone are the days when you have to wait for a crew, script, and editing. With Facebook’s new live video feature, you can give property tours in real time, and the best part is you only need to have a connected smartphone.

Now, you may be wondering what the advantages are to using live video instead of professionally-shot, scripted, and edited videos. The truth is, the differences are astounding. Yes, live video is often off the cuff and there’s no editing, but statistics show that an audience will respond to and interact with a live video at a much higher rate than they will to a professionally-staged one. The video is live so anything can happen, and that alone will hold many people’s attention. But don’t let that scare you. In terms of bringing your company to the next level, Facebook Live video is the way to go.

Because the interaction rates on live video are much higher, the opportunities for reaching the right people are multiplied. What better way to reach renters from across the country or around the globe who are looking to move to your town and can’t be there in person? Another advantage to using Facebook Live video is that you can give a 360-degree live tour of your rental property and be available to answer questions in real time. This can also increase your reach and decrease the empty time of a property. In that same vein, you can use Facebook Live for exclusive tours and events – a first look or pre-opening party.

Using Facebook Live during social check-ins to your property for a private showing or open house can increase interest and anticipation in your properties. After your in-person showing, then you can follow up your earlier live video with another mini-open house.


Live video tours will become increasingly popular as we move toward widespread smart home use, and so will using Facebook Live to demo Smart Home Technology. In the very same way, you will be able to live stream neighborhood tours and, if you’re managing an apartment building or complex, you can stay on camera and stream as you go from vacancy to vacancy and through the property to show your viewers what you have available in real time. You can even schedule the live videos ahead of time and at consistent times each week, so that as you build an audience, your videos will begin to go viral and touch more potential renters and owners who need properties managed.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using Facebook Live

  1. Invest in a selfie stick so your arm doesn’t get tired.
  2. Connect your Bluetooth headset so your words come across more clearly.
  3. Make sure you’re not backlit in the video.
  4. Engage your audience by allowing them to ask you questions about the property during broadcast.
  5. Use WiFi as often as possible. Also, turn on your Do Not Disturb setting or airplane mode (only when you’re using wifi) so you don’t get interrupted with calls and texts.
  6. Broadcast during times when people are the most available on social media. Usually, that’s early afternoon and early evening.
  7. Be aware of any ambient noise. Try to keep windows and doors shut while indoors to minimize noise and disruption.
  8. Broadcast for at least 7 minutes, ideally 10-15, unless the property is unusually large. Facebook caps live video length at 240 minutes, though you probably won’t need a full 4 hours.
  9. Be yourself. Take a deep breath and just do it.


We really hope you enjoy your new, free marketing tool. Facebook Live will help you take your property management business to the next level.

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