3 Things to Know Before College Starts

August 8, 2016

Whether you are a seasoned, fourth-year college student or an excited freshman, starting college can be a little daunting. Colleges typically provide students with important information to help the back-to-school transition, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra tips to get the fall semester off to a good start.

Know Your Schedule and Important Dates:

You would think that knowing when the first day of school is would go without saying, but students fail to mark their calendars and, as a result, miss the first day or two of class. Many students argue that the first couple classes are not important, but many professors use those days to outline class expectations that are valuable for your success in the class. Likewise, many professors will only allow a certain number of absences in a semester; missing classes at the beginning can cause you to use up that allotment before you even start. The first official day of the fall semester for CSU is August 22, 2016; some classes begin before and after this date so make sure to double check your schedule. For first-year students, it is especially helpful to have a printout of your schedule. Knowing when your class is and where will help you to get started on the right foot.

Also important to keep in mind are Registration and Drop Classes deadlines. CSU charges a $50 fee for class registrations that is received on or after August 22nd and the last day to register for classes is September 7th. Drop deadlines vary by course, so if you’re considering dropping a class, make sure you know these dates to avoid paying for a class you cannot or do not want to take.

Know Your Housing Options:

At Colorado State University, as at many universities across the country, freshmen are required to live on campus. CSU guarantees housing for all admitted freshmen and will provide you with a housing guide in your admit packet with further details. For returning students who no longer wish to live on campus, there are a variety of options. You may consider an apartment on your own, or sharing a larger home with a group of friends. Whichever you choose, you may want to contact a local property management company. Property management companies such as All Property Services in Fort Collins can help you and your friends find a good home that is well managed. As a renter, and especially a student renter, there is nothing worse than a negligent landlord. But with a company like All Property Services, you are guaranteed a home that is properly managed and maintained, saving you the stress of studying for finals while dealing with a landlord who won’t fix your broken toilet. All Property Services rents and manages houses, condos, and townhomes in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, and Wellington.

Get To Know The Area:

It won’t take you long to discover your favorite places to eat or places not to eat. In the first semester, you will surely find your favorite study and hangout spots that will likely become staples of your college lifestyle. First-year students, take the time to get to know the campus and the surrounding areas. Explore on the weekends or on those afternoons where you just don’t want to study. Getting familiar with the area will make college feel more like home. Students who no longer live on campus will quickly want to identify heavy traffic areas and potential construction zones. Avoiding those areas will be beneficial in getting to class on time. College Avenue, running north and south through central Fort Collins, is among the busiest streets in town. Although it provides easy access to the school, it can also provide you with a long commute. Shields Street, also running north and south, is west of College Avenue and also provides access to the university. While Shields can also experience traffic, it tends to be lighter than the traffic found on College. Figuring out the best routes comes with time, but it can also come from trial and error. Figure out alternative routes and try a different one until you find the one that works best with your schedule.

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