F.A.Q. | All Property Services, Inc.

Applying for our properties:

How do I schedule a showing?
We require that prospective tenants see the available property before they may apply for it. If you are out of town you may have a trusted friend/relative/real estate agent view the property for you. After which you may submit your applications, app fees & deposit. Please call the office with the address of the property you wish to see & schedule a showing. Showings are offered from 10am-6:45pm Monday – Saturday (March thru mid-October). 10am-5:30pm (mid-October thru March).

Will you call me if something becomes available that fits my needs?
While we would love to be able to do that, keeping track of everyone’s number, housing requirements, and who found a place already would be a full time job & would be difficult to be fair about. It’s much more beneficial for everyone if you check the website frequently. Often prospective tenants will know of new listings simultaneously as our showing staff as we update the website as soon as we know when someone is going to vacate. You can also view our newly listed properties.

What is the application fee?
$25 per person nonrefundable.

Properties are first come first serve, we must have security deposit & application completed for all applicants, in the office, for us to take it off the market. First one to fulfill this criteria gets first consideration for property. If two come in simultaneously, we give priority to the person who SAW the property first.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept personal check or money order for application deposits and rent. No credit cards or cash. Please write the property address in the memo and make sure you mail your payments from a secure mail box.

Can I fax the application back? My roommate/spouse etc is in another state. .
Yes, our fax number is 970-224-4488. All Property Services, Inc must have applications & deposit in the office to remove it from the market. Typically if someone faxes the application they also fax a copy of the check & they overnight the deposit.

What is your application process?
We verify:

  • Employment & income. Household income must meet or exceed 3x the rent
  • Credit History
  • Previous rental history

Local Information and Links

The websites listed below are great resources to learn about our community and related services.

City of Fort Collins

City of Greeley

City of Loveland

City of Windsor

Colorado State University

Fort Collins

Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce

Fort Collins Schools

Larimer County

Loveland Schools

Weld County

What if I have a bankruptcy/bad credit?
It depends on a lot of different factors. We review it on a case by case basis.

How long does it take to process the application? What can I do to speed up the application process?

  • It depends on the time of year & how much of the application is completed.
  • Provide a copy of your driver’s license
  • If you are moving here for a job, provide a letter from your employer w/ job offer/salary info, etc
  • Contact your previous landlord & let them know All Property Services, Inc. will contact them
  • Make sure we can contact you. Provide accurate phone numbers, activate voicemail & empty voice mailbox & provide accurate email address.
  • Make sure you sign page 2 of the application
  • Provide most recent pay stub, W-2, etc
  • Be available to take calls or return calls/emails promptly. Refrain from calling to check your applications status as it interrupts the actual work being done on it.

Do you pre-lease or hold properties?
No. Because our properties are owned by individuals we can’t hold a property without a lease/rent.

What date do I fill in for the “move in” date on the application?
Fill in your ideal move in date. While it is not guaranteed it will help our Property Managers schedule maintenance and cleaning and they will try to work with that date.

What’s included in the rent?
Our property info pages show what is included and excluded in the rent. Often tenants pay gas, electricity, cable, internet, etc. Typically water/sewer/trash is included for townhomes, condo’s & apartments as well as snow removal. In single family homes all utilities, lawn care & snow removal is almost always the tenant responsibility.

How much are utilities?
Because tenants pay their own utilities, we do not have record of what the utility costs are for individual properties. It also varies widely based on behavior i.e. do you turn the furnace on when the temperature drops below 65 degrees? Or run the a/c non-stop? You may call the utility office with a specific address and ask for a high/low average of utility bills.

When will the property be available?
As soon as the current tenant moves out there is a transition period where All Property Services, Inc performs a final walk-thru to ensure the carpets have been cleaned, the property is clean and creates a list of maintenance repairs if needed. The property manager can be more specific about move in dates.

Where will my kids go to school?
See links to the right for school districts & more information.

Living in our Properties:

When is rent due?
The first business day of the month. The office stays open thru the lunch hour to accept rent on the first. Please make sure you mail your checks from a secure postal box (not in open mailboxes!). Also make sure your property address is written in the memo line.

May I pay rent via EFT?
Yes, please return a signed copy of the Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization & provide a voided check to All Property Services, Inc. The EFT service is at no additional charge. It will take approximately 15 days to process and will be deducted from your account by the 2nd business day of every month. Please take holidays and weekends into consideration.

When do I pay first month’s rent?
When you sign the lease All Property Services, Inc will pro-rate the rent for when you move in unless you are moving in on the first. Pet deposit is also due at lease signing.

Can I paint or do maintenance myself as a trade?
No not typically. We have a professional maintenance staff and hire licensed and insured contractors if necessary.

How do I request maintenance?
When something requires non-emergency attention please call the office or download a Maintenance Request from this website and email to your Property Manager or info@allpropertyservices.com

What constitutes an emergency?
All Property Services, Inc considers a property with no heat, no hot water, sewer back-ups, gas leaks, water leaks, or conditions considered to be a health and safety issue to be a maintenance emergency.

Does the tenant pay for any maintenance?
Items that wear out because of normal use cannot be charged to the tenant. A tenant can be charged for repairing a misused item.

Do you charge “pet rent”?
No. We charge $300 per pet, Half of that is non-refundable and given directly to the owner at the end of your lease for considering pets.Pets Restrictions on Breeds:
Dogs that shall not be permitted on the premises and are considered vicious are: Pit Bull, Chow, Doberman, Shar Pei, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Akita, or any mix of the above breeds, as well as other dogs known to have vicious tendencies or to have bitten anyone. NO PUPPIES OR KITTENS UNDER 6 MONTHS OF AGE WILL BE ALLOWED.Pet Sizing per AKC:
Toy= 2-9lbs, Small= 7-30lbs, Medium= 30-55lbs, Large= 55-85lbs, Giant= 85-120+ lbs
jogger with dog

My 22yr old lives with me, do they have to be on the lease?
Any adult over the age of 18 living in a property must be on the lease. Including boyfriends, girlfriends, dependents, grandparents, inlaws, friends, etc.

How many roommates may I have?
As a professional management company we enforce the city’s occupancy limits as well as city ordinances for trash, noise and weeds. For more information on the Fort Collins U+2 law please go to: http://www.fcgov.com/neighborhoodservices/occupancy.php

I’m going on vacation for a week, may I turn my heat off?
Often it’s tempting to save a few dollars by turning your heat off when you will be leaving town for holidays or vacations. While we encourage energy savings we ask that you don’t turn the heat below 60 degrees and leave your sink cabinet doors open to prevent frozen pipes during the cold months.

May I have a barbecue grill?
Per the 2006 International Fire Code, charcoal and propane grills with a capacity larger than 2.5 gallons cannot be located within 10’ of a building. Electric grills & camping grills with bottles smaller than 2.5 gallons are acceptable. The only exceptions are one or two family dwellings or where buildings, balconies & decks are protected by an automatic sprinkler system.

How long is a typical lease? Do you offer month to month or short term leases?
Typically leases are 12 months. Most are set up to renew in the spring/summer when moving is ideal for weather, school, etc. A few leases are available for the school year. We do not offer month to month leases.

My lease is up, how do I renew?
Thirty to 60 days prior to your lease expiring your Property Manager will send you information regarding any changes to the lease. All Property Services, Inc requires a 30 day notice to vacate. Forms for Intent to Vacate are found here.

Does APS offer sub-leases?
Depends on the circumstances. Call your property manager to discuss details. If they agree to a sublease there are additional costs associated with moving out early.

How do I change roommates?
Because anyone over the age of 18 yrs old must be on the lease, if you add/change roommates you must submit a Roommate Change Request. The new roommate assumes all of the responsibilities listed on the lease.

Moving Out

What do I need to do if I am moving?
Please submit an Intent to Vacate form to your property manager or the office 30 days prior to your lease expiration.

What is the best way to get my deposit back?
Tenants are required to have the carpets professionally cleaned or may elect to have APS hire a professional to clean them. In addition, there is a Move Out Cleaning Checklist to help tenants leave a property in the condition that they received it in. Your property manager will schedule a final walk thru with you before your lease is expired.

When will I get my deposit back?
Sixty days after lease end date you will receive your deposit minus any damages or repairs caused by the tenant.

Office location?
Fort Collins
1630 South College Ave (Prospect & College)
Fort Collins Co 80525
1113 N. Cleveland Ave
Loveland, CO 80537

What are your hours?
8:30 am-12pm & 1pm-5pm M-F
9am-12pm on Saturdays
Closed on the following Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.The office stays open for lunch on the first of every month
There is a dropbox at the Fort Collins office for dropping off applications & rent


Miscellaneous Housing Information:

All Property Services, Inc. offers property listings in most of Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Wellington, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Evans, Timnath & Johnstown/Milliken.

Summer is prime rental season for property management companies and rentals in general. Most landlords require a one year lease. During the rest of the year, leases are generally for one year or timed to end in the summer.

Locating a property for rent that will allow pets, particularly dogs, is difficult.

Single Family Homes are typically 3 to 4 bedroom houses in the price range of $1,250 to $2,295 per month. In the upper part of this price range, most would have a two car garage, in the lower, many would have only a single car garage. One and three-quarter baths (no tub – only a shower in the second bathroom) are common as well as 1 & 1/2 baths. A private yard is the norm and often the back yard is fenced.

Upper end rental houses are generally priced in the range of $1,600.00 to $2,295.00. Homes in this range would typically be in a newer neighborhood with four or more bedrooms, two car garage, two or more bathrooms and a well landscaped yard – often with an automatic sprinkler system.

Usually houses come with washer and dryer hookups. It is typical for homes to have window treatments and carpet. In most cases kitchen appliances come with the house.

Townhomes & Condos: generally condominiums and townhouses can be found in the rent range of $900.00 to $1,400.00 per month. In most cases these are newer units with two bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 or two bathrooms. Many have garages, often only a single car garage. Washer and dryer hookups are typical and some already have washers and dryers.

Upper end condominiums and townhouses can easily cost as much as a single family home. Many are often located on or near a golf course, park, lake or location that provides a ‘view’. Two bedrooms, often with two bathrooms, or two master suites are common. Two car garages and basements are more the norm than the exception.

The lower end of the rental price range includes units that are not quite as new as the middle or higher priced condominiums. Most are two bedroom, but one bedroom units are also available. Washer and dryer hookups are common but coin operated laundry facilities are also normal. One car garages or off street parking is standard. Rental prices are generally in the range of $800.00 to $1,100.00.

Year leases are normally required. Most landlords or property management companies want leases that start and end in the summer months. School year leases (9 or 10 months) can be found but are the exception. Yards are generally common areas in the HOA and are typically maintained by the condominium or community association management. In most cases it is very difficult to find a condominium that does not have pet restrictions.

Apartments and duplexes: various apartment communities may offer such amenities as swimming pools, clubhouses, on site property managers, tennis courts and are usually managed similar to a homeowners association with community rules and regulations, assigned parking, grounds maintenance, etc. Density tends to be fairly high and frequent turnover is normal.

Rentals located near the University generally reflect the location and not necessarily the quality of the property.

Apartments and duplexes located away from the University seem to offer higher quality at a slightly lower price. Unit density appears to be less with many older apartments or duplexes located in quiet well developed neighborhoods usually occupied by other home owners.


Who do I make the check out to?
All checks should be made out to the name of the Association.How much do I owe?
The HOA dues will vary per Association. See your association manager for your Association dues.Are there any late fees? Can they be waived?
Assessed late fees also vary per Association. It is up to the discretion of the manager if the fee is waived.
All Property Services, Inc.