Fathers Day 2017 Gift Ideas

June 17, 2017

Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the time of the year where we all tell our dads how important they are to us. You’ve OF COURSE already done your shopping (right?!?). But if you’re like the rest of us and love procrastinating, we’re here to help. While I’m sure he’d be happy with a card, get him something special this year.


We’re going to stay away from the clichés. Not that he doesn’t love that tie you got him last year, but how many neck accessories does one man need? Get him something that caters to him. Think long and hard about what he loves. There are no cookie cutter dads. We’ve broken down some of our favorite categories to help give you inspiration.





bicycleWhen you think father figure, you probably don’t think of someone hitting the trails around Fort Collins, and we probably shouldn’t encourage it. But exercise is important. Especially if your dad’s knees are going bad, a bike might be the perfect gift for some summer fun.


There are three basic types to choose from: Mountain bikes, road bikes, and beach cruisers. Does he spend his weekends up in the foothills? Then you can’t go wrong with a solid mountain bike. It won’t be speed demon, but it will get him through even the roughest terrain.


Maybe he wants to start commuting to work. He needs something light, fast, and functional. Pick him up a new road bike so he can zip to the office. Just make sure he packs an extra shirt.


Lastly, the beach cruiser. The name isn’t 100{ec1d25302c0c3e829886c092caa623e779a888dbf9e1057900a08c9ab9a85bb1} accurate. You probably associate beach cruisers with coasting down the boardwalk, but all it means is this is one comfortable ride. If your dad is going to be sticking to sidewalks, he should do it in luxury.


Grooming Products


If your dad works in an office setting, chances are keeping his face shaved is a hassle. A luxury shaving kit is a practical gift that he’s sure to love.


That, of course, has to start with the razor. If he has one he already loves, pick him up some cartridges. They can cost an arm and a leg, so he’ll appreciate it. If he’s sick of dealing with those prices, sign him up for one of the many subscription services. He’ll get a new handle and blades, and most first shipments come with some shaving cream that is definitely a step up from his drugstore generic.


If you want to really step it up, get him a faux-vintage safety razor and a shaving brush. Not only will it get him as close of a shave as he can get without a straight razor, but it can also be a gorgeous decoration in the bathroom. Dad’s love rustic. Turn a boring gift into a conversation starter.



Hiking Boots


fort collins hikingEveryone should explore the world around them more. When you live right below the Rockies, that exploration better include some mountain time. Get him geared up for some hiking this summer. The mountains are no place for his beat-up lawn mowing shoes.


You can go two ways with hiking footwear. Boots or shoes. If he plans on some deep woods backpacking, boots are a must. They’ll support his ankles, and are going to stand up against the forces of nature. If he’s more into casual action, hiking shoes are lighter, cheaper, and look a whole lot better when your dad inevitably tries to wear them to Father’s Day dinner.




Whether he’s into charcoal or propane and propane accessories, no dad can resist a barbecue. Help him fire it up this summer with a new grill. Father’s Day is associated with summer, and nothing says summer like cooking under the stars.


If we know one thing about dads, it’s that they go big or go home. If he’s been cooking burgers on 2-foot-wide grill for years, pick him up a mammoth. For charcoal, there are plenty of oil drum sized monsters out there. For gas grills, the size may be limited, but the convenience may be worth it.


If a whole grill isn’t in the budget, pick him up some premium accessories. Spatulas, tongs, and grill brushes are always welcome in a dad’s drawers.

It’s the Thought That Counts


You know your dad is going to love whatever you get him. What really matters is that you care enough to give it a thought. But let’s face it. Dads have been putting up with our crummy gifts for years. For this Father’s Day, let’s step it up.

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