Questions to Ask When Finding a New Roommate

February 7, 2019

questions to ask when finding new roommatesRoommates can define your living experience. Every renter has likely had good roommates who they got along with well, and most people have likely had a bad roommate experience where things just didn’t click. When looking at Fort Collins condo rentals, it’s also important to consider what characteristics you want in a new roommate. Before you make anything official, be sure to ask these questions to potential roommates.



Messy roommates can make or break a rental property. Ask potential roommates about their preferences for cleanliness. How often do they clean their room, when do they wash their dishes, and how often do they do laundry? Finding out how they like to divide chores between roommates and how clean and tidy they like things to be. These questions will help you determine if the potential roommate is a clean freak, a slob, or somewhere in between.


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Find out if a potential roommate smokes, drinks, or parties and if they plan on doing it at home. Ask about what they like to do on weekends and what their hobbies are. Do they like to cook, and do they do it often?


Lifestyle questions should cover the basics like what they do for work and if they can afford the rent. Be sure to find out if they have pets or if they are planning on getting any.  Find out what temperature they prefer and if they run hot or cold. A roommate who likes the windows open in the winter might not be a good match for someone who is always cold.



Ask your potential roommate to run you through their typical day. Start with what time they get up, what they normally do, their standard work hours, and what time they go to bed at night. Find out if they are a night owl or an early bird. Do they work from home? Do they spend a lot of time at home, or do they prefer to be out with friends or hanging out other places? Are they a light sleeper or a snorer? Find out what they need to sleep. Some people sleep with nothing, while others require loud sound machines and black-out curtains.


Depending on your preferences, it can be helpful to have a roommate who is on your same basic schedule, but some people prefer to have completely opposite schedules from their roommates.



Find out about their social situation. Do they have a lot of friends over or plan on having out-of-town guests? Do they have a significant other, and if so, how often does that person plan on being at your house and will they ever spend the night?


Find out if the person is friends with their previous roommates. It will give you a sense of how they treat roommates and what they look for in friends. Ask what they’re looking for in a roommate and if they have any pet peeves. Some people are just looking for a place to crash and others expect to be best friends with their roommates. The questions here can go both ways because you’re trying to make sure you’re a good match with each other.



Ask if the potential roommate can provide references from former roommates and landlords. Once you’re serious about someone, call their references to make sure what they told you was true. Ask about what they’re really like as a roommate. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. After all, you want to do your due diligence beforehand to make sure you have a good living situation. You can also run a background check on a potential roommate to see if they have had any arrests or if there are any other outstanding issues to consider.


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Choosing a roommate can be a long process. Taking the time to ask the right questions can help you find someone who will create a pleasant living experience.

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