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Fort Collins houses for rentAll Property Services, Inc. provides professional property management for Northern Colorado, including a number of available Fort Collins houses for rent. We offer a variety of competitively priced rental house options in Fort Collins including apartments, duplexes, townhomes and single-family homes. If you are moving to Northern Colorado, All Property Services is here to help as you search for a new house.


Fort Collins is an established yet growing community that is continually ranked as one of the best cities to live in, making it a place in which anyone can thrive. At All Property Services, our mission is to help you find a rental property that will enable you to feel right at home in our city.


Helping You Find Your Next Fort Collins Home


As a local and trusted Fort Collins property management company, we have an in-depth understanding of the area’s rental market along with expertise in the rental process. As a result, we are fully prepared to help you in your search. All Property Services specializes in helping anyone from students to families find quality Fort Collins houses for rent in the right location that will also meet your needs and fit in your budget.


The Northern Colorado housing market is stable and growing, which also results in a competitive situation for anyone looking for a new home. Our team is anxious to provide you with the best opportunity for finding the right Fort Collins rental house.


Find Available Fort Collins Houses for Rent


Regardless of the type or size of rental home you’re looking for, our list of available properties is sure to have the type of house you need and want. All of our Fort Collins houses for rent are competitively priced and proactively managed, guaranteeing a house you can be proud of and afford. To Find A Rental, visit the Available Properties page on our website or call our Fort Collins office at 970-224-4446.

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9 Things to Check Before Renting a House in Fort Collins


1. Do Research Area Safety


It’s essential that you find out if the area is safe to live in. Read online reviews about properties in the neighborhood where you’re looking to get a general feel about the area, safety, people, and places before moving in. Talk to people living in and around the area to know as much as possible before signing any agreements.


2. Pets


While talking to the prospective landlord, bring up the topic about pets quite early in the discussions. There is a possibility that the property manager or landlord does not allow the tenants to have pets at a specific address. Failing to bring up the pets in the initial discussions can result in the breach of the lease agreement.


Many societies have tenancy agreements that prohibit pets from being kept in apartments. Breaching the lease agreement can lead to eviction. If you have pets you want to take with you, you’ll want to be sure the rental property you choose allows pets.


3. Check the house for damages


The first thing people notice after entering a residential property is the floor, carpets, and walls.


Although there may be a few nail holes in the walls or a couple of scuffs on the floor, you must ensure during your first visit that there is no obvious damage like large holes in the walls, big stains on the carpets, and broken windows.


It’s a good idea to snap a few pictures of the damages, stains or holes, for your records.


4. Check the Lights


Most people visit rental properties during the day, and usually, there is a good amount of natural light entering the property from windows and doors. There is a possibility that you might forget to turn on the lights and see if they work.


You should ensure that all the switches and light fixtures are in good condition, and bulbs are working. If they are not working, you can inform the property manager to get them fixed.


5. Take Photos


Take photos of the property as a documented proof of the property’s condition before you sign a lease or move in. As one of the best practices, you should always bring your camera or your smartphone to take photos of the entire rental unit.


Photos are also helpful when you want to choose the best between multiple properties you have visited or inspected for renting out.


6. Existence of the Property


It is always recommended to go with reputed companies like All Property Services if you are looking for houses for rent in Fort Collins.


Housing scammers these days go to great lengths to dupe people out of their money. They create fake websites and fake ads of the property on Facebook and other such platforms. Their ads are usually attractive and show great locations and low prices for excellent properties.


If the house that you are going to rent has any indication that it does not come from a real person or a trustworthy agency, you should not sign the deal or pay the money. You must always insist on viewing the home, either in person or in a virtual tour online. If the property manager is not willing to accommodate your request, it’s likely a scam listing.


You can overcome all these problems if you hire a reputable property management company. All Property Services, Inc. handles scheduling and conducting property showings. Get in touch with us now.


7. House Location


Location is the most important factor when you are choosing a house for rent. You will want to check how long it will take to reach your office, school, or any other place from the location of your rental unit.


You should also find out if the neighborhood has grocery stores, shopping centers, and other important places like hospitals and restaurants.


8. Household Bills


There are a number of things you will need to take care of as a tenant. Some additional bills you will need to cover may include gas, electricity, water, HOA fees, and more. Before you sign in the lease agreement, check with the Property Management Company for more details about these and whether they’re rolled into your rent or you have to pay them separately.


9. Neighbors


Before deciding to move into a rental home, you may want to find out first who your nearby neighbors will be.


Is the neighborhood you are choosing mostly made up of young families with small children, or will more of your neighbors be senior citizens? You can find out from your property management company, or you can talk to your neighbors in person. Getting acquainted with neighbors will also allow you to find out more feedback on the rental property you are considering.


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Why Choose All Property Services to Rent Houses in Fort Collins?


1. Less Stress in the Process


It can be difficult to find a desirable house for rent at an affordable price in a great location.


Our dedicated team not only helps you in finding the right rental unit, but we also have a streamlined process to make getting into your rental home as stress-free as possible.


2. Years of Experience


The members on our team are extremely experienced and have industry knowledge, skills, and aptitude to handle all kinds of issues when they arise. We can answer all types of questions from our clients.


We also do our best to remain fair and ensure the highest quality service and a great experience for all our clients.


3. No Hidden Costs


We do our best to offer very straightforward and transparent about any costs the renter will have to pay when renting a property.


4. We Take Care of the Properties We Manage


We consider every property we manage as our own, and we take personal care to maintain it the best way possible.


We extremely focused on providing you with the best properties and top quality of the management services.


5. We understand you


We strive to understand your needs, budget, and requirements for renting a property.  We will do our best to help you find properties that make sense for your circumstances and budget. It’s our pleasure to make our clients happy and satisfied with our services.


6. Staff


Our entire staff is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and well trained.


We’re here to help answer any questions you have and give you more insight into the different types of properties we have available throughout Fort Collins.


Our office is staffed five days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to Noon. Give us a call at 970-224-4446.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Do I have to have good credit to rent a house?


During the tenant screening process, one of the things a property manager or landlord will check is your credit score. The reason why they do this is to ensure that you will be consistent in paying your rent and paying it on time. If you have a low credit score, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to rent a home but it will make it more difficult.


If you know you have a low credit score or have not built any credit, you may be able to rent by having a co-signer.


Q2: Why do I have to pay a security deposit when renting?


Paying a security deposit provides financial protection for the property manager. This can help ensure that the renter will pay their rent on time and keep their end of the lease. This also helps to pay for damages to the home by the tenant (beyond normal wear and tear) at the end of the lease if necessary.


Q3: Can I break my lease if I need to get out?


The laws about breaking your lease will vary from state to state and may also vary depending on who you are renting from. You will want to make sure you are familiar with any lease you sign regarding early termination. Some property managers require a termination fee, especially since a tenant leaving early means they have an empty rental property to fill sooner than they had planned.


Check with your property manager or landlord for the specific terms for your rental home.


Q4. What should I mainly look for when renting a house?


The monthly rent amount or your ideal budget is what should be considered as the most important factor before you rent a house. Carefully calculate how much you will have left after paying the rent and the utility bills of the rented house. Remember, too, that many landlords or property managers require that you make 2 or 3 times more than the rental income each month for you to qualify for a rental property.


For your first month, keep in mind that you will have to shell out the first month’s rent along with the security deposit.


Q5: Who is responsible for maintenance at the rental property?


This will vary from place to place and depending upon your lease agreement. Unless stated otherwise, the tenant is generally responsible for things like yard maintenance, snow removal, keeping the home clean, and perhaps some minor repairs like replacing lightbulbs, etc.


In most cases, maintenance needs that come up that are not a result of tenant damage or negligence would be covered and handled by the property manager or landlord. Maintenance needs that come up as a result of tenant damage or negligence must also be reported to the landlord who will likely still handle the repair, but the cost will be the responsibility of the tenant. Make sure you are familiar with your specific lease agreements regarding home maintenance and repairs.


Q6. What is my first step after I found a house?


As soon as the current tenant moves out, there is a transition period where All Property Services, Inc. performs a final walkthrough to ensure the carpets have been cleaned, the property is clean, and any repairs are completed.


You must fill out all the paperwork, but refrain from signing anything before understanding the terms and conditions of the renter’s application.


Get all your questions answered about the rent, maintenance, increases in the rent amount, late rent payment policy, and more.


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