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All Property Services offers the highest level of service for Fort Collins property management. Whether you own one or multiple income properties, there are a number of reasons to consider hiring professional property management instead of handling landlord responsibilities on your own. At All Property Services, we understand the time it takes to manage a rental property in Fort Collins and work hard to maintain your investment and trust.

Professional Fort Collins Property Management

All Property Services is a local and reliable property management company serving Fort Collins and surrounding Northern Colorado communities since 1986. Our team is comprised of expert property managers who not only understand the rental market, but also are extremely familiar with the community. We manage properties across the city from south of Harmony to north of Prospect. Wherever your property is located, we are prepared to manage it.

We are a full-service property management company offering complete services for any rental house, condo or apartment in Fort Collins. Our aim is to simplify your life by taking care of every property management need you may have, giving you the freedom to enjoy life and make the most of your valuable time.

What Can All Property Services Do For You?

We specialize in property management services in Northern Colorado. With over 30 years of experience, we have a thorough understanding of all that needs to be done. We will get your Fort Collins rental house leased and take the work of managing the property off your hands.

All Property Services works diligently to protect your investment and ensure that it continues to be a profitable property for you. Some of the benefits of working with us include the following:

  • Making Sure Your Property Is Highly Visible to Potential Tenants: We will actively market and promote your rental home to ensure that it is rented out quickly. We also handle the scheduling of any property showings and conduct those for you.
  • Expertise to Find the Right Price: We are extremely familiar with the Northern Colorado rental market and know how to competitively price your property to give tenants a fair price while making sure to provide you with a profitable and worthwhile venture.
  • Handle All Administrative Aspects: Our job as your property management company in Fort Collins is to take care of the important details of leasing a property. This includes scheduling viewings, complete processing of applications, collecting deposits, arranging lease signings and renewals, collecting rent, and paying utilities.
  • Enforcing Lease Conditions and Applicable Ordinances: We maintain a detailed understanding of the individual conditions of your lease and your neighborhood’s HOA and ensure that tenants abide by those conditions. We also have up-to-date knowledge of laws and city ordinances and will fairly enforce those.
  • Provide Point of Contact: All Property Services provides a single point of contact for landlords and tenants to communicate so that you don’t receive calls in the middle of the night or on holidays from tenants.
  • Proactively Maintain Your Property: Our team of Fort Collins property managers will handle all maintenance concerns from annual service to repairs in order to maintain the highest standard of safety and well being of your property. We have staff members available at any time to address emergency phone calls regardless of the day or hour. You won’t need to worry about scheduling furnace or air conditioning tune-ups or making sure the sprinklers have been blown out before temperatures drop. We will ensure that all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly. We will also contact repairmen and have repairs taken care of in a timely fashion.
  • Work With Local Subcontractors: We support our community by only hiring insured subcontractors, businesses or vendors that are locally owned.

Property Management in Fort Collins

All Property Services offers property management in Northern Colorado that is experienced, reliable, and proactive to help you manage your income properties. We will work hard for you and provide great service for your tenants so that you can peacefully benefit from the rental income. 

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Questions For Potential Property Managers

Want to make money from a second home? Owning a rental property is only part of the equation. To have a successful investment property, you also have to find and manage tenants. But managing a rental property and all that comes with can be a full-time job, which is where Fort Collins property management companies come in. Rental home property managers take over the day-to-day work for the property owners to ensure the property and its tenants are running smoothly.

Choosing residential property managers for your property is a big decision. Here are six questions to ask to find the best property management company for your needs.

1. What is your experience in managing rental properties?

Managing properties comes with a steep learning curve. There are many steps involved, including finding good tenants, collecting rent, communicating with tenants, maintaining the property, and much more. One of the main reasons property owners hire Fort Collins property management companies is because they themselves aren’t experienced in these areas and need someone who is. Ask potential property managers how long they have been managing properties, what types of properties they manage, and what they have learned over the years. Look for a company that is established and experienced, especially in your area. You can also ask for references from other property owners to learn about their experiences with the company.

2. How do you communicate with property owners?

Again, this goes back to personal preference. Some homeowners want to be very involved in the process and get updates when there is an issue with the property or when tenants change, while other homeowners just want to pay a property manager every month and get a check from the rent in their bank account. Talk to potential property managers about how often they communicate with homeowners and what channels they use to make sure you are as informed as you want to be.

Owning a rental property can be incredibly lucrative and a great investment. One step to keeping the process as smooth as possible is to hire the right rental home property managers. These questions for potential property managers can give you the right information from the beginning to make the best choice for your property.

3. What services do your rental home property managers offer?

Property managers can cover a wide variety of services. Some companies do everything, while others simply collect rent and perform maintenance. Be clear from the beginning about what is handled by the company and what your fees cover. Find the right property manager who matches how hands-on or hands-off you want to be with your property.

4. What are your fees?

Most property managers charge homeowners a monthly fee. From the beginning, be clear about the amount of the monthly fee and what it includes.