Are Fort Collins Rental Houses the Best Option for You?

September 10, 2018

why choose fort collins rental housesAre Fort Collins rental houses the best type of living situation for you and your family or roommates? Deciding where to live is a question with big consequences. Where you live determines much of your lifestyle, including the amount of space you have for entertaining, hobbies, or pets. The neighborhood plays a role in where you eat, shop, and play.


Fort Collins is a great place to live that offers a variety of neighborhoods and housing options. When it comes to renting, many people are faced with the question of whether to rent an apartment, condo, or house. There are a number of Fort Collins houses for rent, and they can be a great option for people looking for more space and freedom. Consider the following reasons or advantages when you’re deciding whether to rent an apartment or a house.



One of the most significant advantages to renting a house is the additional space that isn’t found in most apartments and condos. This can be used for roommates, kids, or storage space if you own a lot of stuff. Rental houses likely have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets, plus other perks like a laundry room or mudroom.


Rental houses also typically have some kind of private outdoor space, which can be hard to find in apartments. Outdoor space is convenient for pet owners, especially since most apartment complexes don’t allow large dogs. Outdoor space can be used for entertaining, gardening, or letting the kids play. Instead of having to possibly share outdoor space in an apartment complex, private outdoor space in a rental house is always yours.



Many apartment buildings have limited parking. It’s common to only have one assigned parking spot per unit, and many older or urban apartments only have street parking. The lack of parking can be frustrating, especially if you have multiple cars or are trying to have guests over. A rental house likely has a garage and driveway for parking, as well as street or alley parking. It may seem like a simple thing, but having easy access to your car and not having to constantly hunt for a parking spot can be a great benefit to renting a house. This is especially true during snowy Fort Collins winters—instead of having to walk down the block to your car, you can simply park in the covered garage or go right outside to the driveway.



Instead of having to share walls with noisy neighborhoods, a rental house offers more privacy and solitude. In apartments and condos, people are walking past your door and windows throughout the day, and it’s easy to feel like you are living on top of your neighbors when you hear their conversations and footsteps through the ceilings and walls. A detached home means there aren’t any shared walls with neighbors, and you can close the blinds for privacy.


Fort Collins offers great housing options throughout the city. Fort Collins rental houses can be a great option for many people and are definitely an alternative that should be considered when you make a move.


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