find greeley houses for rentAt All Property services, we offer Greeley houses for rent that will meet the needs of you or your family. At affordable prices, our selection of rental homes provides a variety of options for those new to the Greeley area or those simply looking for their next home.

Renting a house in Greeley with All Property Services guarantees you a property that is well maintained and professionally managed. We’ve got years of experience in this competitive Northern Colorado rental market and can also offer help in navigating the rental process. Greeley is a growing community, and you have likely discovered that finding the right house for rent can be somewhat difficult. However, our team specializes in leasing and managing rental houses and is prepared to help you find your new rental house quickly and efficiently.

Find Nice Greeley Houses for Rent

Our property management company can offer a variety of competitively priced and conveniently located rental house options in Greeley. As a top Northern Colorado property management company, we have the unique knowledge of the Greeley area that will help you find your next Greeley rental home.

We are anxious to help you save time and get you into the house that will best accommodate the needs of you or your family. We can provide options with multiple bedrooms or homes that are pet-friendly. The homes we manage are clean, well maintained, and come with management from a company you can trust.

All Property Services can also provide clear direction in the steps needed throughout the rental process. We offer support from the application step through to the day you move out. Feel free to contact us at 970-224-4446 for more information or visit our website to search for our available Greeley houses for rent. Our team’s mission to rent nice homes to nice people and we are anxious for the opportunity to help you, too.

Find a Greeley house that meets your needs with help from All Property Services.


Why Use a Property Manager When Renting a House in Greeley?

When renting a house in Greeley, you have a lot of things to consider. Aside from the type of house, location, and rent amount, you should also consider looking for a rental home that uses a property manager. Property managers oversee multiple properties and are experienced with numerous rentals in Greeley. As a tenant, there are lots of advantages to using a property manager. Here are the top five reasons to use a property manager when renting.


  1. One of the biggest benefits to using a property manager is that they are responsive. Property management companies work full time to manage properties, as compared to an independent landlord who may only rent out properties on the side. Instead of waiting for a landlord to call you back or respond to a message, you can typically hear back quickly from a property manager. These companies tend to have full teams of employees who are dedicated to helping tenants and can quickly resolve issues. No matter if you have a question about rent, have locked yourself out, or need to report a maintenance issue, having a responsive property manager can make a world of difference.
  2. Property managers in Weld County have been overseeing rental properties for years. They know the ins and outs of the rental process and the local area. An independent landlord likely isn’t as experienced with what to do if certain issues arise. Experience matters when dealing with roommate disputes, fixing areas of the rental, and even following through on promises made in the contract. When you use a property manager, you aren’t the guinea pig of a first-time landlord.
  3. Using a property manager means having a good maintenance team. One of the best parts about renting a house is that you don’t have to perform a lot of the maintenance. If something breaks, you can simply report it to the manager to get it repaired. Property managers tend to either be experienced maintenance people themselves or have a team at their disposal so they can quickly fix issues. If something breaks in the house, a property manager can send someone to fix it quickly so you aren’t waiting and living with the issue long term.
  4. A lot of legal issues can arise when renting a home, including disputes with neighbors or roommates or issues with not paying rent on time or landlords not returning the deposit. The legal world can be complicated, but property managers tend to be more experienced in this area. Because they are aware of the laws around renting, they are also more likely to follow them, which provides a safer experience for tenants.
  5. Renting through a property manager means the availability of more resources. Because the entire purpose of property management companies is to provide a better experience for tenants and owners, they tend to have more resources. Property managers are more likely to have tools for online rent payments and a tenant portal than an independent landlord. Those resources make things easier and more convenient for tenants.


An experienced property manager can make life easier for you as a tenant. When considering rentals in Greeley, be sure to check for a property manager.


Things to Look for When Renting Houses in Greeley

Choosing a new rental home is a big decision. There are lots of things to consider, including the price, location, and features. When looking for a new rental, take your time to make an informed decision that you’ll be happy with for the entire length of your lease.   Here are 10 things to look for when searching for a rental home:


  1. One of the first things to consider is the location of the rental house. If you are new to Greeley, take some time to explore the city to find what neighborhoods you most enjoy. Greeley is a diverse city and offers rental properties in the downtown area, historic neighborhoods, and newer neighborhoods. There are pros and cons to every location, so consider what matters most to you. Some people want to be close to bars and restaurants, while others want to be in a great school district or close to work. There are some things you can change about a rental property after you move in, but location isn’t one of them, so make sure you feel comfortable with where the home is located.
  2. You want to live in a place where you feel safe and don’t have to worry about anything bad happening. Greeley is a relatively safe place, but you still want to be aware of the rental property. Before you sign a lease, walk and drive around the neighborhood to see if it feels safe. The property itself should also have some security features. Look for homes with updated locks on the doors and windows and even a security system if possible.
  3. Aside from the actual rental home, consider the other amenities, including a washer and dryer, community park, or access to trails. Ask what other perks come with the property and if you have access to any community amenities.
  4. Depending on your transportation needs, you may be looking for a rental home with covered parking or an attached garage. Some rental homes have attached parking, while others may only offer street parking. Look for a property that has available parking to meet your needs.
  5. Outdoor space. The beauty of a rental home is that you often have access to outdoor space or even a private yard. Outdoor space can be great for letting kids play or pets run around and can provide a sense of privacy from the neighbors. If you have an active lifestyle and need dedicated outdoor space, look for yard access in rental properties.
  6. From closets to crawl space, storage is an important part of a rental property. Look for short-term storage, such as a closet that is big enough to hold your entire wardrobe, and long-term storage, such as a place to hold your seasonal items. If there isn’t enough storage in the property, you may have to consider a separate storage unit.
  7. Some rental properties include at least a few of the utilities in the monthly rent price, while others expect the tenant to pay for everything themselves. As you look at properties, be sure to ask if there are any utilities included and what the average monthly cost will be. Doing your research beforehand can help your budget in the long run.
  8. If you plan to bring your dog or cat with you to the rental home, be sure to check that pets are allowed. Some property managers have rules about pets or may require a larger deposit if you bring a pet. You’ll also want to look for a rental house that will fit your pet, such as room for a litter box or space for your dog to run outside.
  9. Set a budget of what you can afford for monthly rent and stick to it as you search for rental homes. It may be tempting to go over budget, but try your best to stay under your top amount.
  10. Some rental properties come with upgraded appliances and new paint or flooring. These upgrades can make the unit seem fresher and cleaner. If you find areas you want to have upgraded as you look at rental homes, ask the landlord if they can replace or update those items.


Renting a house is a big decision. There are options for every budget and lifestyle, but you have to know what is important to you. By looking for the things that matter most to you, you can find the best rental house possible.

Top Questions Renters Ask

Before you sign a lease and move into a new rental in the Greeley area, it helps to do your research. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions—after all, where you live is a major decision. Here are five questions renters ask.


  1. How much is the rent and what’s included? The most basic question for renters to know is how much it costs to live in that location. Be sure to ask specifically about what is included, such as utilities, internet, or trash service.
  2. Can I have pets? Some landlords have strict rules about pets in the property. Before you sign a lease, ask if pets are allowed and if there are certain rules they must follow. In some cases, pets may increase your monthly rent or your security deposit.
  3. Am I allowed to paint? You likely want to make your rental property seem like home with personalized décor. But many rental properties have rules in place about what changes you can make to the unit. Ask before you paint or hang anything on the walls. In most cases, you’ll have to live with the current paint color and find creative ways to personalize and decorate the space.
  4. Who do I call for maintenance issues? Part of the beauty of renting is having someone you call when something breaks or needs to be repaired. Be sure to ask your landlord who is responsible for maintenance and what the process is for requesting a repair. Some property management companies have a hotline to call, while others expect tenants to take care of basic repairs themselves.
  5. Do I need insurance? Ask your landlord about the requirements for renters’ insurance. For a small monthly fee, you can have your belongings insured in case something happens in the unit. Your landlord will likely refer you to an insurance agent for more information.


Take your time to ask plenty of questions before you sign with a new rental. With all the information, you can make a great decision about Northern Colorado homes to rent.

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