If you’re looking for something truly unexpected in Northern Colorado, Greeley has a variety of live music venues and shows with something for everyone. Whether you prefer larger crowds and popular music or a more intimate setting for indie music, you can find it in Greeley. Here are some of the town’s best live music venues:

  1. The Cranford Cove Tea Garden is a charming downtown tea shop and bar that features live music performances nearly every night. Thursday nights showcase local talent, while nationally recognized performers often grace the stage on Friday nights. If you want to relax with a cold drink or a warm mug of tea while you listen to great music, there’s no better place than the Cranford Cove Tea Garden.
  2. Moxi Theater. A modern and recently renovated space in a historic old building, the Moxi Theater brings out the best of both worlds without sacrificing sound quality and amenities. The Moxi features an eclectic range of bands, from larger national names to local acts. Most performances are appropriate for all ages, with great views available from any standing general admission area. If you prefer to have a seat, the Moxi can accommodate that as well. For details on upcoming shows, visit the Moxi Theater website
  3. The Kress Cinema and Lounge. A combination bar, restaurant, movie theater, and live music venue, The Kress has something for everyone. The menu features a wide variety of healthy and local foods, with a large number of beers on tap. On Friday and Saturday nights, live musicians play in the bar area, which allows patrons to enjoy dinner or a drink and great music before watching a movie in the theater. The art deco-inspired building is a great place for guests of all ages.
  4. Patrick’s Irish Pub. Why not check out some live Celtic music on a Thursday night? Patrick’s Irish Pub features singer-songwriters, Celtic acts and Irish indie-artists. You might be wondering, “can I wear a kilt?” The answer is a resounding, YES, and you probably won’t be the only one.
  5. Cactus Canyon. If you’re looking for a wild night out on the town, then look no further. The Cactus Canyon is one of your best choices to cut loose and hang out with a lively crowd. Live country music DJ’s play nightly and a waiting list is common on weekends.
  6. The Union Colony Civic Center. If classical music is more of your taste, the Union Colony Civic Center will not disappoint. Located in downtown Greeley, the Union Colony Civic Center is one of the largest venues in Greeley. Be sure to catch the Greeley Philharmonic, one of the oldest orchestras in the Rocky Mountain region.
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