greeley townhome rentals search tipsWhen looking for Greeley townhome rentals, keep in mind that every townhome is different and has its own style and features. Part of the beauty of a townhome is its combination of apartment and house features. Townhomes often offer the amenities for an apartment complex, such as shared outdoor space and a fitness center, but the space and style of a house.


There are a large variety of Greeley townhomes for rent, each with unique style and their own story to tell. When looking for your perfect townhome, don’t forget to keep an eye out for some of these popular features that can make your townhome more comfortable and enjoyable.



You can change a lot of things about a townhome, but you can’t change the location. When you’re searching for your perfect unit, be sure to drive around the neighborhood to make sure it’s a great fit. Greeley has something for everyone. Do you want to be close to running trails, or would you rather be able to walk to great restaurants and bars? Are you a fan of the country, or do you like urban areas? Your preferences will dictate the right neighborhood for you.


Eat-in Kitchen

If you like to cook or do a lot of entertaining, an eat-in kitchen is a must. Instead of having to eat at bar stools at the counter or on the couch in the living room, an eat-in kitchen gives you room for a dining table and space to fit your friends and family around it. Eat-in kitchens are also typically larger, which could mean more storage room and counter space.


Look for new or updated appliances. Even if the appliances aren’t brand new, check to make sure they are clean and in working condition. If the appliances are old or broken, talk with the landlord to see if they will update the appliances before you move in. You don’t want to spend your entire renting time in the townhome working around a broken dishwasher or other appliance, especially if you are paying for the extra amenities.


Closet space

Townhomes tend to have more storage than apartments, but you still want to ensure that there is enough room for all of your belongings. Check the closet space in the bedrooms to make sure your wardrobe will fit. You should also look for additional storage, including a linen closet or bathroom storage. Some townhomes come with additional storage units, which can be a great place to store your seasonal or less frequently used items.


Air Conditioning

Most renters are willing to pay more to have central air conditioning. If you’re included in that group, be sure to ask about the heating and cooling system in the townhome. Colorado summers can get hot, so central AC can make a big difference in your comfort. At the very least, you’ll want a swamp cooler. You should also look for a unit with an updated heating system to keep you warm during the cold winters.


Starting a Search for Available Greeley Townhome Rentals

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greeley townhome rentals search tips
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