Tips for Hiding Eyesores in Your Home

January 22, 2020

hiding eyesores in your apartmentWhether you just moved into a new Fort Collins apartment rental or you’ve already settled into your new house, you surely have put effort and thought into the décor of your home. You have carefully arranged furniture to be functional and picked out decorative pieces to add character and beauty. But regardless of how much time you’ve put into decorating your apartment, it is very likely that you are left with some necessary eyesores that don’t match your décor.


Rather than letting those eyesores take away from the visual appeal of your apartment, here are six ideas to help you hide some common eyesores.


1. Hide Routers in Pretty Boxes

Internet routers and modems are a necessity in this day and age, but they are also unsightly. In most apartments, there is only one area where you can place these items because of the location of the wiring. To keep ugly routers from ruining the style of your living room or kitchen, place them inside pretty boxes with holes cut out in the back for the cables. You can find decorative boxes for any design scheme at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, and you can complement those boxes with a couple of decorative accents to make your routers fit in perfectly.


2. Put Old Books to Good Use

If boxes don’t quite fit in with your design taste, you might opt to use hollowed-out books instead. Take all the pages out and slip the router in between the cover of a hard-sided book to create a charming way to disguise an eyesore.


If you love to read, there are plenty of brilliant ways to repurpose old books to fit into the decorative theme of your apartment or to dress up other practical items such as knife blocks or to create hidden storage.


 3. Use Wall Art to Cover Fuse Boxes, Outlets or Thermostats

A fuse box and a thermostat are an essential part of any home, but they’re not exactly attractive. With a little creativity, you can disguise either item. You might hang a small tapestry over your fuse box or a canvas painting that fits over the thermostat. You can even hang a small picture over a wall outlet or unused cable connection to offer a touch of art in its place. 


4. Repurpose Furniture for Your Pets

If you are allowed to have pets in your apartment, you probably have a number of pet supplies that you quickly hide when guests come over.


Instead of tucking your dog’s water bowls in the bathroom or leaving them out in the open, head to your local thrift store to find an old dresser that you can repurpose as a pet feeding hutch. With a taller dresser, you can use the bottom drawer to fit their bowls and use the top drawers for food or toy storage. If you have a cat, a little creativity and carpentry can help you transform a cabinet dresser to hide their litter box and create a private kitty restroom.

5. Use Electrical Tape to Makeover Your Washer and Dryer

In a small apartment, you may not have the luxury of a hidden laundry room. Your washer and dryer might be tucked away in a hallway closet, or you might have stacked appliances in your kitchen or bathroom. Regardless of the size or location of your laundry room, washers and dryers do not often add to the décor of the home, but you can easily dress them up using electrical tape. Electrical tape is available in a variety of colors and can be used to add a touch of creativity to uninteresting appliances. Although electrical tape is easily removable, if you do not own the washer and dryer in your apartment, make sure that you check with your property manager before you start your project.


6. Hide Wires Behind a Desk or TV Console

If you have a desk without a back panel, you probably have a variety of wires, power cords, and cables creating an unattractive focal point. To keep these out of sight, attach a piece of fabric to the back of the desk to cover up wires. You can also purchase hook cords that attach to the back of your furniture that will hold wires and cables neatly behind the legs or top panel of your TV stand.

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