holiday vacation apartment safetyThe Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year for holiday traveling. With children getting days off of school for Christmas break and adults cashing in on their vacation time, you may have a trip planned before the year is over.


The holidays are not just a busy time for vacation, they’re also a busy time of home break-ins. Burglars know that people are more likely to head out of town during the holiday season and will be on the lookout for apartments that look prime for the taking.


With over 30 years of experience as a trusted Fort Collins property management company, we’ve seen cases where apartments were robbed while tenants are on vacation. This is why we are offering tips and advice on things you should always do to keep your apartment safe and secure during your holiday vacation.


Before you head out of town, take for your apartment safety and minimize the risk of an unfortunate ending to your holiday season.


Get to Know Your Neighbors

Apartment complexes, by nature, force people to live in close proximity with others and in turn, increase the amount of traffic around your home. This, alone, can increase the risk for burglary as neighbors or those walking through the complex can easily figure out when you are going out of town. By taking the time to meet neighbors and learn more about them, you can also develop a better idea of how trustworthy they are. Ask them questions that can give you insight into who they are and pay attention to people who visit their home or the type of activities they engage in. Getting to know your neighbors also allows you to develop relationships with the people living closest to you. There are many reasons to make nice with the neighbors, but neighbors that you trust can notify you if something seems wrong or call the police if they suspect a break-in at your apartment.


Limit How Much You Post on Social Media

Social media provides a great way to stay connected to friends and family, but it also is a prime resource for thieves and criminals looking for people who are going out of town. Avoid posts that talk about an upcoming vacation or posts while you are out of town, but rather post pictures and details after you’ve gotten back.


Leave a Light On

Regardless of how long you’ll be gone, make sure that you leave a light on inside. Leaving a light on will make it seem like someone is home and provides a simple way to potentially deter burglars.


Ask Someone to Stay at Your Apartment

Whenever possible, avoid leaving your home empty. Reach out to a trusted friend or family member and ask them to stay at your apartment while you’re gone. You can repay them with food or a gift card or another small gesture if you feel led to, but having someone at your house will stop burglars from making their way in while you’re on vacation.


Double Check All the Locks

Make that you take the time to go around and check the locks on every window and door. Be sure that each door locks properly and that windows cannot be forced open. If you have a sliding door to the patio, get a pole or bar to set on the track that will prevent burglars from getting the door open. And if you happen to notice that locks are not working properly, call your property management company and ask them to replace the lock.


Close the Blinds or Curtains

Blinds and curtains may just seem like an element of décor, but they also provide a layer of privacy and security. Closing all the blinds and windows will keep potential burglars from seeing what your belongings are and what may be worth their efforts.


Put Your Mail On Hold

If you will be gone for more than a few days, request a hold on your mail or newspaper delivery for the time that you’ll be away. Accumulating papers and mail is a clear sign of an empty home. If you can’t stop delivery, ask a neighbor to pick up your mail, packages, or newspapers for you.

holiday vacation apartment safety
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