How to Get Your Rental Property Ready for Summer: A Property Management Checklist

June 12, 2023

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Prepare for Summer!

Summer is almost here, and while that may mean that your tenants are going through their checklists of summer activities to delight in, you have an entirely different checklist that requires check marks — the kind of checklist that ensures that your property is well maintained.

A crucial component of preparing any rental property for the heat of the summer is conducting regular property maintenance. Things such as checking and replacing air filters in air conditioners, testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, inspecting water heaters for any signs of wear or damage, etc. not only surround your tenants with property that is in tip-top shape but can even prevent costly repairs in the future.

Although it may seem like a confusing and daunting process, this article will outline the necessary steps required to make your job a seamless one so that both you and your tenants have a safe and pleasant summer.

Conduct a Thorough Property Walk-through

First things first. Before the summer season commences, you should conduct a comprehensive property walk-through to identify any potential safety issues and areas in need of a little TLC. This process should include assessing the overall condition of your property's interior and exterior:



  • Clubhouses
  • Game rooms
  • Leasing Offices
  • Sitting Areas
  • Unoccupied Rental Units


  • Gutters
  • Playgrounds
  • Pools
  • Roofs
  • Sidewalks
  • Siding

Establish a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Now that you have an overview of your property's current state, it is important to establish a property management checklist and a regular maintenance schedule that includes routine inspections and timely repairs. Coordinate with a local property management team or hire a local professional to perform regular maintenance tasks found in this article.


Electrical Systems

Electricity runs the show, so keeping electrical systems that supply energy to that blender that whips up cool smoothies, the air conditioning that cools your tenants down after a fun-filled day, or that television for entertainment on lazy afternoons is a must.
Be cognizant of water and large tree branches that may make contact with breaker boxes, wires, outlets, and main power lines, and establish a routine where you or a professional focus on these key areas.

Play Areas

Although Fort Collins is rich in natural beauty and entertainment, sometimes tenants, both large and small, just want to have fun close to home. That's where playgrounds, parks, and pools come into play.

Make sure that the pool areas are kept clean by cleaning any leaves or debris that make their way into the pool, monitoring the chemical content of the water, and wiping down outdoor furniture. When comes to safety, consider hiring a lifeguard for the peak season.

For the kiddos on the playground, make sure their days are filled with happy memories by inspecting slides, swing sets, monkey bars, etc. for damage. Replace hardware that is overly rusty or outright broken, and mend wood and plastic components that have become worn.

When friends and family decide to gather in the park for a summer picnic, a game of volleyball, or to toss a Frisbee with their four-legged friend, make them feel welcome by cleaning barbecue pits and tables and providing rubbish bins for their refuse.

Inspect and Clean Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are an essential amenity in any summer rental property checklist. Prioritize inspecting and cleaning your air conditioning units, including both indoor and outdoor components. Clean or replace the filters, check for any refrigerant leaks, and ensure the units are functioning efficiently. Consider scheduling a professional inspection and maintenance service to guarantee optimal performance throughout the summer months.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Safety is paramount when it comes to preparing a rental property for the summer. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the property to ensure they are functioning correctly. Replace batteries if necessary and consider upgrading to newer models if your current detectors are outdated or not up to code.

Examine Water Heaters and Plumbing Systems

Water repairs are easy! A thorough inspection of your property's water heater and plumbing systems is vital in avoiding water-related issues. Check for any signs of leaks or corrosion and schedule any necessary water repairs before the summer season begins. In addition, flush the water heater to remove any sediment buildup and ensure optimal performance.

Refresh Offices and Common Areas

Summer is synonymous with socializing and entertaining, making the common areas where you, your employees, and tenants gather is essential. Deep clean these spaces and consider updating furnishings or décor by Incorporating bright colors, comfortable seating, and adequate lighting to create a functional and welcoming atmosphere.

Upgrade Outdoor Spaces and Landscaping

As guests are likely to spend a significant amount of time outdoors during the summer months, it's essential to invest in your property's outdoor spaces and landscaping. Trim trees and bushes, mow the lawn regularly, and plant colorful seasonal flowers to enhance the property's curb appeal. Additionally, ensure that outdoor furniture is clean, comfortable, and in good condition. Consider adding amenities such as a barbecue area, fire pit, or outdoor games to make your rental property even more appealing to summer guests.

Inspect and Maintain Appliances

Your guests will rely on the appliances in your rental property for cooking, cleaning, and entertainment. Conduct a thorough inspection of all appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and washing machines, to ensure they are in proper working order. Address any issues promptly and consider replacing outdated or inefficient appliances to improve tenant satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of maintenance issues during their stay.

Optimize Energy Efficiency

As the summer season often brings increased energy usage due to air conditioning and other cooling measures, it's essential to optimize your rental property's energy efficiency. Inspect and seal any gaps around windows and doors that may cause drafts, and consider upgrading to energy-efficient windows if necessary. Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-saving LED lights and install programmable thermostats to help regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption. These measures will not only lower utility costs but also contribute to an eco-friendlier rental property.

Deep Clean and Declutter

A thorough deep cleaning of your rental property is crucial any time of year. This process should include steam-cleaning carpets, washing windows, and scrubbing all surfaces, including countertops, floors, and appliances in the common areas. Additionally, decluttering the property will create a more spacious and inviting atmosphere for your guests, so, remove any unnecessary items, and ensure that all storage spaces are clean and organized.

Invest in Smart Home Technology

Enhancing your rental property with smart home technology can significantly improve the overall tenant experience. By integrating devices like smart thermostats, lighting systems, and door locks, you can offer more comfort and convenience. With this having been mentioned, integrating smart home technology can not only elevate your rental property's appeal but also streamline property management — when tenants adjust their usage based on whether they are home or not, the wear and tear on the appliances that you provide are potentially reduced.

Review and Update Security Measures

To provide your guests with a sense of safety and security, it's essential to review and update your rental property's security measures. This safety property management checklist recommends inspecting all doors and windows for proper functionality, such as making sure that all of the locking mechanisms and hinges maneuver adequately. Consider installing motion-activated outdoor lighting and a security system if your property doesn't already have one.

Create an Emergency Contact List

When preparing a rental property for the summer, it's important to provide guests with a handy list of local contacts for emergencies. This list should include essential information for their safety and well-being during their stay. Be sure to add contact details for emergency services like police, fire department, and ambulance. Include nearby hospitals and medical centers for guests who may need urgent care. Also, list utility providers such as electricity, gas, water, and internet to help guests report issues or outages.

Prepare a Welcome Package and Information Guide

Now that the heavy lifting is over, it's time to focus on the details. Creating a warm and welcoming environment for your guests starts with a thoughtful welcome package and information guide. Assemble a welcome crafts table in the leasing office with a selection of local snacks and refreshments. Additionally, compile an information guide that includes details about the property's amenities, instructions for using appliances, and recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and activities. Providing this information will not only make your tenants feel at home but also help them make the most of their summer vacation.

Final Thoughts

While having any kind of checklist ensures that whatever task you choose to undertake will be carried out as efficiently as possible, having one for managing your property is essential. By identifying areas of concern and addressing them in a timely manner, you will help prevent further complications and ensure a seamless transition into the summer months.
If you feel overwhelmed, consider giving us a call; our team of specialists would be happy to discuss ways in which we can relieve the burden of managing your property.

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