Tips To Lower Your Utility Bills At Your Rental Home This Winter

January 3, 2020

saving on utility bills in the winter tipsDuring the winter months when the sun sets earlier in the day and the temperatures begin to drop, utility bills for your Northern Colorado rental home are more likely to get higher. Between keeping the house warm and lights staying on longer, you may be left with higher than normal electric and gas bills. Thankfully, there are things you can do to make your home more energy efficient without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Here are some helpful tips to help you lower your utility bills at your rental home this winter.


Take Advantage of the Sun

In Colorado, we have over 300 sunny days each year providing some extra heat on the coldest of days. During the day, make sure to open curtains and blinds to let the sunlight in and then close them after the sun has gone down to trap in the warmth.


Close Unused Vents

Don’t waste money on heat for rooms that rarely get used. If your spare bedroom is empty, go in and close the vents to that room so that heat is redirected and focused in the rooms you do use.


Dress Warmer, Even If You’re Staying In

Instead of turning the temperature on thermostat up to keep you warm in your shorts and t-shirt, try setting the thermostat at a lower setting and wearing sweats and a hoodie inside instead. By doing this you can stay cozy and comfortable without running your furnace longer.


Pull Out Those Winter Blankets

As soon as temperatures get cooler, pull out your warmer blankets and comforters. Set out blankets on the couch or an extra one at the foot of your bed to warm you up if you start to feel chilly.


Adjust Your Thermostat

When you wear warmer clothing and use blankets, you can easily set the temperature on your thermostat a little lower. By simply adjusting the thermostat by a few degrees, you can save a significant amount of money on your energy bills. recommends setting your thermostat to 68 degrees throughout the winter. You can save even more money by turning your thermostat down when you’re not home or at night.


Check the Temperature on Your Water Heater

You may not realize, but the temperature of your water could also be costing you money in utility bills. Lowering it to a recommended temperature of 120 degrees will give you hot water without high costs.


Unplug It

Unplug any electronics or appliances that are not routinely used. Even if they are turned off, they still draw energy by simply being plugged into the wall.


Turn the Lights Off

It may seem like it goes without saying, but make sure that you turn off lights after you leave a room. Leaving lights on that aren’t needed will cost you money on your electricity bill. Along the same lines, make sure that you also close the refrigerator door all the way. This saves energy and saves you from spending more money to replace spoiled food.


Look at Your Laundry Habits

Your laundry schedule and habits can also add to your monthly bills. You might try doing fewer full loads of laundry rather than several small ones to save on water. And you might consider using cold water more often or line drying clothes whenever possible to save on electricity or gas.


 Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can save you money during the summer, but they can also help in the winter. Set your fans rotate counterclockwise to pull cool air up and push warm air down.


Switch Out Your Light Bulbs

Replace incandescent light bulbs on ceiling fixtures or lamps with LED’s. LED light bulbs use less energy and they also last significantly longer.


Change Your Furnace Filters

To get the best performance out of your furnace, you should change the air filters on a regular basis. Clean filters make it easier for the furnace to blow warm air into your home and they also help to improve the indoor air quality.


Ask Your Property Manager About Furnace Maintenance

Annual furnace maintenance is one of the most effective ways to improve the performance and efficiency of your heating system. During annual maintenance, the furnace is cleaned and inspected for any existing or developing issues, helping to keep you warm and keep your energy bills low. Before scheduling any type of service at your rental home, however, you must first contact your landlord or property manager. Chances are they will schedule it before you need to ask, but if you notice that it’s been overlooked, don’t be shy about bringing it up.


If All Property Services is managing your Northern Colorado rental home, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with annual maintenance; our property managers work diligently to make sure your house is taken care of so that you are safe and comfortable.


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