Taking Care of Your Rental Home While Living with Pets

January 25, 2019

maintaining your rental home with petsFor renters with pets, it can be challenging to keep your pets happy, all the while making sure your home stays in great shape. If you found the perfect Loveland house for rent that allows pets, the next step is learning to maintain the home with pets.


Here are some of the best ways to keep your rental property in good shape while still allowing your pets to play.


Plan on a Higher Deposit

The first step to maintaining a rental property comes before you even move in. More than half of rental properties across the country allow pets, but in many cases, you’ll be required to pay a higher security deposit. Depending on the landlord or property manager, you might also need to pay a one-time pet fee or add it to your monthly rent. The extra money gives the landlord some cushion in case anything is damaged. It also shows that you are so confident that your pet will behave that you’re willing to put money on it.


Schedule Outside Time

One of the hardest things for pets in rental properties is simply not having enough space. Before you move in, scout the outside space in your neighborhood. If you’re lucky to have a rental house with a large yard, it could provide enough space for a pet to run around. If you’re in a smaller property with limited outdoor space, look for nearby parks, trails, or dog parks. Then make it a part of your routine to give your pet some time outside. Letting them run around can get their energy out and make it easier to spend time in a smaller indoor space.


Even if your pet doesn’t like running around outside, fresh air can still make them happier and give them a needed mood boost. Add it to your day and don’t miss a chance to be outdoors.


Train Your Pet

A large part of keeping a rental house in good condition is setting rules and training your pet. Rules can change depending on the house and pet but can include things like not scratching at the furniture, only going to the bathroom outside or in an inside litter box, and staying inside the gated yard. Train your pet to know and follow the rules. If your pet has a hard time following rules, bring in outside help. Most pet stores offer pet training programs. For example, you can find pet training classes at PetSmart. Click here to learn more.


Training your pet will help them know when it is and isn’t ok to make loud noises and run around. You’ll have a better-behaved pet, a well-maintained house, and happier neighbors.


Protect Fragile Areas

If there is a part of the house that you’re particularly worried about your pet damaging, such as an architectural detail or a window, create barriers that your pet can’t get past. That could include moving the furniture around the area or keeping the door closed so your pet can’t get in. Protecting at-risk areas is a good preventative measure to avoid damage.


Find an Outside Pet Sitter

The hardest part for pet-owning renters is often knowing what to do with their pet when they aren’t home. Just like kids, when left alone, even the best-trained pet can forget the rules and make a mess. Neighbors most often complain of noisy pets when the owners aren’t home. If you notice that your pet has a hard time being left alone or your schedule leaves your pet at home alone regularly, consider getting an outside pet sitter.


Most cities have lots of pet daycare facilities that allow your pet to spend the day playing with other pets while being supervised by adults. Some pet owners prefer to bring their pet to a pet sitter’s house for one-on-one time, while others have a person come check on their pet throughout the day. Click here for more tips on how to find a pet sitter.


Just because you have pets doesn’t mean you can’t still be a great tenant. Set boundaries and rules and give your pets other outlets so you can maintain your rental home and your happy and healthy pets.

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