Tips to Maximize a Shared Bathroom Space

September 26, 2019

shared apartment bathroomAre you considering getting a roommate at your Loveland apartment rental? While the Greeley rental market offers tenants a wide range of affordable options, getting a roommate can help you save even more money each month on rent and utilities. Of course, living with other people is sometimes challenging. It's important to go into the process prepared on how to best cohabitate, particularly when it comes to the bathroom. Don't risk being a bad roomie; know how to maximize shared bathroom space before you sign a lease to ensure you're doing your part to maintain harmony in your apartment.


Consider Towel Hooks

Mom was right – no one wants to see (or smell) your wet towel on the bathroom floor, especially your roommate. You can find over the door hooks that don't require any installation that work well for towels. Another option is to use damage-free command hooks that you can stick to your door or wall (without using nails or ruining the paint!).


Invest in a Shower Caddy

Most people associate shower caddies with college accommodations. However, having a portable carrier to store all of your shower accessories is a great way to keep all your essentials like body wash, shaving cream, razors, and shampoo all in one place. Beyond convenience, a shower caddy can also help keep the clutter factor in the tub to a minimum in the apartment.


Use the Drawers

We all have certain bathroom products and items that we use every day; however, cohabitation means that we aren't necessarily entitled to keep everything we want on the bathroom counter for instant convenience. Flat irons, blow dryers, electric water picks – whatever your morning routine entails, put as many of your belongings in drawers, under the sink, or even in the linen closet when you're not using it to keep things neat and tidy. Additionally, getting in the habit of unplugging your bathroom accessories not only keeps the space organized, but it can also be a safety measure as well.


Buy Bins for the Linen Closet

Worried about having your toiletries and other belongings comingling in the linen closet? Purchase a few smaller bins to place on the shelving in the closet. Shelving bins have gained popularity in recent years, coming in a wide range of colors, sizes, materials, and textures. Placing a few on "your shelves" can offer a fun and easy way to keep your items in one place.


Create Storage on Wheels

A spare bar cart or butcher's block with shelving can create a perfect mobile storage unit. Place it in the bathroom to store linens, toilet paper, towels, and washcloths underneath, and use the top of it for some of the toiletries you'd like to keep at arms reach.


Get Magnetic

If you have a metal medicine cabinet, you can mount magnetic organizers inside of it for additional storage. Toothbrushes, makeup, cotton balls – there are endless ways to utilize this storage within storage option.


Put a Lazy Susan In

Underneath the bathroom sink offers valuable storage space. However, just stacking things inside can make it challenging to get what we need when we need it. Put a turntable under the sink to hold cleaning supplies, toiletries, or even hair products. The spinning tray makes it easy to both see and access which items you need next.


Use Baskets Everywhere

Maybe your bathroom sink is more of the pedestal variety rather than a cabinet. No problem. Use baskets underneath the sink as a way to store towels or cleaning products and optimize all that otherwise wasted space. You can also use baskets elsewhere in the bathroom for other items that you simply can't find a space for.


Make a Schedule

Perhaps the best way to maximize shared bathroom space is to make a morning shower schedule to ensure as few people are in the bathroom (or waiting for it) as possible at any given moment. Of course, life happens, so there's no need to set anything in stone. However, a tentative outline based on your daily routines can help you have access to the space when you need it as well as ensure no one spends too much time in there.


Clean Up After Yourself

Busy schedules make it easy to put cleaning the bathroom pretty low on the priority list. However, consistent cleaning keeps the space neat – and makes you look like a rock star roommate.


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