Ready to Move Into Your Condo? Here’s Your Moving Checklist

September 12, 2018

moving into your condo moving checklist You’ve found the perfect condo for rent in Loveland and you've signed the lease. Maybe it has a great view of the foothills, easy access to bike trails, or a location down the street from your favorite bar. Now comes the fun part: moving in and getting settled.


Before you plan your big move, use this moving checklist to make sure everything is covered:


Decide what to take

Moving is a great time to cut through the clutter and get rid of things you don’t really need. As you get ready to move, sort through your closet and other belongings and donate things you don’t use or won’t need in your new place. It’s so much easier to move when you have fewer belongings!



Grab some moving boxes, packing tape, and get to work. Pack things room by room and be sure to label each box, so you know where it goes in the new condo. If you have large or fragile items, you may want to have them packed professionally to keep them safe. You can also take apart large pieces of furniture or cover them in bubble wrap or furniture pads to keep them safe during the move.


Hire movers or recruit friends

There are lots of Loveland condos for rent, which means there are also quite a few moving companies in the city. Decide if you are going to hire movers or do the move yourself with help from friends and family. Movers can be more efficient and do the work for you, but it can also be very expensive. Read reviews and get quotes from multiple moving companies before choosing who to use. If you decide to do the move yourself, set a day and time and then recruit friends to help or hire a few neighbors to carry boxes. You might need some sort of incentive like pizza for after their hard work is done. Make all your moving arrangements no later than two weeks before the actual moving day.


Plan the logistics

One of the biggest challenges of moving into a condo is that there often isn’t direct access to the unit. Before moving, check with the landlord to see where you can park the moving truck and unload. You may need to reserve a parking spot or the elevator. Make arrangements before moving day to avoid last-minute stress.


Transfer utilities

You don’t want to move into your condo and not have electricity or internet right away. Make arrangements to either transfer existing services to your new address on move-in day or set up new utilities accounts for the condo. Some utility companies need at least a few days notice to transfer, so make arrangements at least one week before you plan to move.


Change your address

Before moving, change your address on your bank accounts, credit cards, insurance companies, and work and school records and update your magazine and newspaper subscriptions. You can also set up mail forwarding through the post office, but it may take a few weeks to start, so plan ahead.


Haven’t Found a Condo Yet?


This moving checklist does you no good if you haven’t found the perfect condo yet. Let us help you with your search. Check out our available listings on our website at or call us at 970-613-4446.

Thinking About Moving?

Our team is here to help you find your next home. Feel free to call and schedule a showing or start your search right here.

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