Advice for Moving Within the Same Apartment Complex

January 27, 2020

moving within same apartment complexIf you’re renting a Loveland apartment, there may come a time when your needs change, and you are forced to move. However, oftentimes in these situations, people want a new apartment, but they don’t necessarily want to move to a new complex. Thankfully, many apartment complexes offer apartments with different features that may provide you with the perfect solution.


If this is the case for you, it’s important for you to know what to expect when transferring apartments in the same building. Here’s some advice that will help make the transition smooth.


Reasons Why You May Want to Move to Another Apartment

Life can change in the blink of an eye, and your housing and financial needs can quickly change too. You may need an extra bedroom for your growing family, or perhaps you’re realizing that one bathroom simply doesn’t cut it with kids. You might also have physical needs that make it difficult for you to get to your apartment on the third floor, or you’re tired of the noise from upstairs neighbors. You might have some unexpected expenses that are forcing you to save money in any way possible, or perhaps you got that promotion, and you want to reward yourself with a bigger apartment.


Regardless of your reason for moving to another apartment, you should make sure that you know what to do to make the move easier.

Tips for Moving Within the Same Apartment Complex

If you’re ready to move to another apartment, you can save yourself a little hassle by looking at apartments in your existing complex. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make the transfer.


  • Talk to Your Property Manager: Before you can move, you have to find out if there is an available unit within your complex. Let your property manager know that you are interested in finding another property and find out what their procedure and requirements are for moving. You may need to be placed on a waiting list if another apartment isn’t available, or you may have to jump on an apartment before someone else claims it. Regardless, talking to your apartment manager can provide you with the right direction.


  • Ask Important Questions: Even when you move within the same complex, you will probably be required to sign a new lease. You may not, however, be required to go through some of the other typical steps of renting a new apartment, such as going through tenant screening or paying a new security deposit. Moving within your current apartment complex could save you time and money, but make sure that you are well informed on what is expected and required.


  • Don’t Underestimate The Hassle Of Moving: Regardless of the distance between your old and new apartment, be sure that you are prepared for the move. Moving downstairs doesn’t make that big oversized couch any easier to get out the door and down the tight staircase, so be prepared. Hiring a moving company may cost more, but they could help you get the job done quicker and more effectively.


  • Don’t Think That You Don’t Need To Pack: Again, the distance you have to travel with your boxes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack them. Packing up items in boxes will make the move smoother. You can get a little more flexible and creative with your packing materials. Use laundry baskets or dresser drawers instead of boxes and clothing or towels instead of bubble wrap to limit the amount of trash you have after the move.


  • Move Things Little by Little When Possible: If your new apartment is currently vacant, ask your property manager if you can begin to move your belongings over early. This may not be a possibility, but if it is, you can slowly transfer the smaller stuff to make the big moving day more manageable.


  • You Will Still Be Responsible for Utility Transfers: Whenever you are renting an apartment, regardless of its location, you are responsible for transferring your current services and setting up new ones. Cancel utilities, cable, and Internet in your old apartment and have those services set up in the new one to avoid inconvenient situations.

Thinking About Moving?

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