Music Venues in Fort Collins

February 16, 2016

With its unique venues, historical locations, creative population, and college crowds, Fort Collins is a growing hub for live music, as seen in the number of shows and the size of the crowds. Here are four of the best music venues in Fort Collins:

  1. Aggie Theater. Transformed from an old movie theater to Fort Collins’ largest live music venue, the Aggie can now hold 650 people. The unique design of the 100-year-old building allows for great views from any of the floors, although underage patrons are limited to a chain-linked – sounds ghetto. Can we say “restricted” The Aggie has a great location on College Avenue in downtown Fort Collins and attracts many nationally performing acts.
  2. Hodi’s Half Note. With a capacity of 300 people, Hodi’s Half Note hosts a variety of concerts, ranging from national acts to smaller local bands and comedy shows. Hodi’s Half Note is located in Old Town Fort Collins and hosts a show nearly every day of the week. The venue has two bars and is for all ages, although those under 21 may have to pay an extra $5 for some shows.
  3. Surfside 7. You might just find your next favorite punk rock band at the Surfside 7. Though the Surfside 7 recently relocated, this venue remains true to its raucous roots. Beer, pizza, and live music – oh, yeah.
  4. Downtown Artery. Part café, part art gallery, and part music venue, Downtown Artery was recently renovated to include modern lighting options and a great sound system. Its modern design and small size make a good venue for touring bands looking for an intimate show, or for a local band booking their first gig. All genres are welcome to perform in this unique space.
  5. Avogadro’s Number. Popular with the college crowd, Avogadro’s Number is a restaurant, bar, and music venue. It holds 120 people inside and 300 people outside on a beautiful patio. Shows are held every Thursday-Saturday, with an open mic night every Tuesday and a bluegrass jam on Wednesday. Avogadro’s Number is generally friendly to smaller local bands, but acts from every genre are welcome.

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