How to Add Personal Style to a Furnished Rental

March 22, 2019

adding your personal touch to a furnished rentalWhat makes a house a home? Adding personal touches that reflect your life and style. Even if you’re renting a townhome in Fort Collins that’s already furnished, you can still add details to make you feel at home. Here are five ways to add personal touches to an already furnished rental.


Add Photos and Mementos

One of the easiest ways to make a rental feel more welcoming is to display photos and mementos. Print your favorite photos of family and friends and add them to the walls. A gallery wall of favorite photos can make a statement and reflect your personality. Find a favorite piece of artwork or a photo of your favorite place. You can put photos on nightstands and shelves if you don’t want to hang them on the walls. If you do hang them on the walls, use removable adhesive strips instead of nails.



Mementos can also make a big impact. Frame favorite memorabilia in a shadowbox, showcase a piece of pottery from an international trip or put up a poster from a favorite concert. These items not only remind you of great experiences but also showcase your interests and hobbies.


Bring in Texture

You don’t need to replace all the furniture, but you can add personal touches with textured details. In the bedroom, add colorful bedding that matches your style. Pillows and throw blankets can make the room feel inviting. In the kitchen, add hand towels and mats in your favorite colors and patterns. Living areas can pop with textured rugs and curtains for a splash of color. Add a few throw pillows to the couch. Even interesting things on the shelves or table can add a personal touch. Texture makes any space more inviting, even if you have the same couch as all your neighbors. Click here for more ideas on how to add texture to a rental.


Update the Bedding

The most personal space in most homes is the bed. If your bed reflects your style, you’re likely to feel welcome and happy in the rental. You might not be able to change the bed itself, but you can update the bedding. Bring in blankets that remind you of home or that feature your favorite colors. Do what it takes to make the bed your haven—if you love to sleep with pillows, add lots of pillows. Get a mattress pad for a comfortable night’s sleep and find the bedding that makes you feel at home.


Add Greenery

Fresh elements can make any place feel more like a home. Greenery can also be personalized to match your style and comes in anything from lush faux plants to succulents in modern pots. Add a splash of greenery to each room for a beautiful accent. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can purchase faux plants that look just like the real thing. Click hereo to learn more about the best plants for apartments.


Rearrange the Furniture

You might not be able to change the furniture in your rental, but you can change how it’s arranged. Create an arrangement that accommodates your lifestyle. If you enjoy hosting dinner parties, arrange the furniture to highlight the dining table and make it welcome and inviting for your guests. When your furniture is in the right place, you’ll be able to move more freely through the space.


A rental property can still showcase your style and interests. You don’t have to change the furniture to create a place that is welcoming and feels like home. These small upgrades and additions can have a big impact on your apartment or townhome.

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