how to personalize rental housesA rental house offers convenience and privacy and is potentially a great way to save money. But one thing that is often lacking is your own personal style. Although you can’t knock down walls or make major changes, you can still personalize rental houses. There are a variety of Greeley houses for rent, ranging from historic bungalows to modern houses. After you find the right house, try these five simple ways to personalize the house and make it feel homey without breaking the bank or losing your security deposit.



Lamps and lighting instantly make a home feel cozier and welcoming. They also help set the tone for the style in the rest of the house. Bring in floor or tabletop lamps to brighten up dark parts of the home. Lighting is also easy inexpensive and easy to move, which is ideal for when your lease is up.


Window Treatments

Many rental houses come with curtain rods, or else they can easily be installed. Window treatments like curtains and valances not only add privacy but also add a pop of color and style. Window treatments are easy to fold up and move when you are done and can be a great option if your landlord won’t let you paint. When you hang curtain high above windows, it can actually make small spaces look bigger and more inviting.


Rugs and Pillows

Texture is a quick way to make a space more inviting and home-like. Add some area rugs throughout the house for color and warmth. A few throw pillows and blankets can make a huge difference on a couch or bed. As a bonus, they can easily be switched out if you want to try a new style or color scheme, and they can keep you warm during cold Colorado winters.



Add some greenery to your rental house with plants. Real plants not only clean the air but are also a great way to add color and fill empty space. Try a small potted plant on a shelf or table, or go big with a large ficus tree in a room corner. If you lack a green thumb, there fortunately are a number of artificial plants that provide a real appearance without the maintenance.


Wall Decor

In some rental situations, you may not be able to put nails in the wall, but you can still hang posters, pictures, or artwork. Use Command strips to hang your artwork securely and then take it down without leaving a mark when you’re ready to move. Just make sure to buy the right strips for the weight of whatever you’re hanging. Make a statement with a gallery wall of favorite pictures, hang a motivational poster on the wall, or get large prints of family pictures for an instant personal touch.

Consult Your Lease or Landlord Before You Personalize Rental Houses

There are numerous ways to personalize rental houses without going against your renting agreement. Make sure you fully understand the lease and never hesitate to call your landlord or property management company if you have any questions.


how to personalize rental houses
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