Pet-Friendly Amenities to Consider When Moving

January 20, 2020

pet-friendly amenities to look for when movingMany Fort Collins houses for rent will not allow you to own a pet on their property. However, there are many others that will welcome pets if you pay a pet deposit. If you’re on the hunt for a rental that will welcome your furry friend, here are some essential amenities to look for when moving with pets.


Number of Pets Allowed

Many of the rental properties that allow pets will have a limit on the number of pets you can have at the property. This will be important to consider if you have more than one pet or if you have a desire to get another. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what is allowed by your property owner, before signing the lease.


Plenty of Grass Space or A Fenced-in Yard

Depending on the type of house you’re renting, you may or may not have the luxury of a fenced-in backyard. A yard is one of the best amenities for pet owners, but if the home doesn’t have one, make sure that there is ample grass space for your dog to do its business. This will save you from feeling frustrated late at night or from having to walk far on frigid days.



Walking Trails or Dog Parks

Many dogs need physical activity to keep them from being destructive in the home or annoyingly hyperactive. You can keep your pet on its best behavior, by going for a walk or heading out to the dog park for a bit. Check the area for walking trails that allow pets or for off-leash dog parks that will give your pet the opportunity to burn off that extra energy.


Pet Sitting or Daycare Services

Having a new puppy, or any pet for that matter, doesn’t excuse you from having to work and it shouldn’t limit you from enjoying your life. With the availability of reputable pet sitting services, you can make plans without the worry or stress of what to do with your pet. If you live in an apartment community, there may be a pet daycare available on-site. Otherwise, sites such as Rover can match you up with a trusted nearby sitter, boarder, or drop-in visitor.


Trusted Dog Walker

You may be surprised to find out that many neighborhoods have a recommended dog walker in the area that will pick up your pet each day and take them on their daily walk for a fee. Dog walking services can also be booked through Rover, but you may ask your property manager or your new neighbors if they know of someone with established service in the neighborhood.


Nearby Pet Store

A nearby pet store isn’t technically an amenity, but it can make your life a little easier. Dog food can be cumbersome, and it seems we often run out at inconvenient times. So, it’s nice to be able to make a quick trip to a pet store located right in your neighborhood.


Pet Spa or Mobile Groomer

One of the most spectacular pet-friendly amenities available is a pet spa that will make it easy to keep your pet clean without making a mess in your bathroom. Pet spas are often located within pet stores, or there are also some wonderful mobile pet groomers that will come to you. Check for either in your vicinity to keep your fur baby fresh and clean. In some homes, you may even find a pet washing station in the laundry room or mudroom, while some apartment complexes offer this as an amenity for its residents.


Established Pet Play Dates


Dog moms and cat ladies alike love to spoil their pets and give them opportunities to live their best life. They also enjoy getting to know other pet parents who share a similar love for their four-legged babies. If this is you, you may do a little research on pet play dates in your community. You might find a group that meets once a week or another that meets once a month, but it can provide you with a unique way to connect with other pet owners while socializing your puppy.


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