picking up after your pets, removing pet wasteHaving a pet can bring a lot of happiness and fun, but it also brings a lot of responsibility. Picking up after your pets not only helps keep your home and neighborhood cleaner and healthier, but it also helps keep your neighbors happy, especially if you’re renting an apartment in Loveland or anywhere else.


Here are five tips and reasons when it comes to picking up after your pets.


Know Why It’s Important

Picking up after pets is for more than just removing unsightly pet waste. It’s also helpful in improving the overall health and cleanliness of the neighborhood. To start, picking up after pets is just a common courtesy. But if you leave pet waste on the ground, it can actually kill the grass and spread bacteria and parasites that can cause diseases in humans and animals. Other animals can eat the waste, which can make them sick. That bacteria can sink into the soil and last for a long time. Understanding the scientific importance of picking up after pets can be the motivation you need to make sure you always do it.


Keep a Plastic Bag in Your Pocket

Make it a habit to always be prepared to clean up after your pets. Keep a few plastic bags in your coat pocket or store them next to the dog leash so you always remember to bring them with you when you go outside. The small act can turn it into a habit so you aren’t left without something to clean up the pet waste. Many public places and parks offer plastic bags for pet waste if you happen to leave home without one. You can also use a pet waste scoop and bring it whenever you go outside if you prefer to not use a bag.




Scoop it Up Right Away

Some pet owners might be tempted to leave pet waste until the end of their walk, but scooping it up right away is the better option. The obvious reason is that it won’t smell as much, but it also gives it less of a chance for people or animals to step it in and spread the waste and bacteria around. Picking up after pets right away also helps get rid of the odor so it doesn’t linger. Your neighbors will thank you—a yard or open space that is clean but still smells can be just as bad as a dirty lawn.


Find the Nearest Trash Can

Carrying a bag of pet waste around with you just doesn’t sound appealing. Once you’ve scooped your pet’s waste, find the nearest trash can to dispose of it. Carrying it around with you can not only extend the smell but also increases the chance of spreading bacteria through the bag. Find a public trash can or dumpster and get rid of it quickly!


Encourage Others to Do the Same

Every person who picks up after their pets makes a difference. Even a positive example can go a long way. If people see you picking up after your pet, they will be encouraged to do the same. Talk to your community or apartment complex about installing communal plastic bag distributors and trash cans to make it easier to clean up after pets. You can also put a small sign in your yard or at the local dog park to remind other people to pick up after their pets.


Picking up after your pets isn’t a difficult thing to do, but it can make a huge difference in the community. Every person and animal is part of the same community, and that includes you and your pets. Do your part to keep the community clean and healthy. The animals and your neighbors will thank you!

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