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Are you a landlord that has considered hiring property management services in Fort Collins for your rental properties? Are you looking for reliable renters for your great home for rent in Northern Colorado? Do you need help addressing the maintenance responsibilities of your income property? Do you live out of town, but own rental homes in Fort Collins and want to provide tenants with more accessible property management? All Property Services is here to help you as the property owner, but we’re also here to help the tenants of your rentals! All Property Services manages properties not just in Fort Collins but across Northern Colorado, including Loveland, Windsor, Johnstown, Greeley, Ault, Severance, Milliken, and Wellington. 



Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality services that will effectively manage and maintain a rental property to ensure that you can continue to offer a nice home to rent and find nice people to rent it. All Property Services delivers comprehensive property management services that will benefit you as a property owner, while also serving the tenants of your rental house, condo, or apartment.

Maintain a Positive Reputation With Property Management Services

As a property manager, we understand that it is our responsibility to represent you as the homeowner and landlord and work to manage your Fort Collins property as if it were our own. With All Property Services, you can trust that our team will provide the most respectful and responsive service to your tenants. Quality property management services can make a difference in maintaining the condition of the home, retaining tenants, and protecting your reputation as a landlord.

Property Management Reduces the Stress of Renting Out a Home

Whether you have multiple rental homes as your main source of income or one rental for additional income, your income properties are valuable assets that require a lot of work to maintain and preserve. With professional property management services in Fort Collins from All Property Services, you can profit from your property in peace as we work to simplify your life. We manage everything from showings through to tenant turnover and everything in between.

The Benefits of Our Fort Collins Property Management Services

All Property Services takes care of all your property management needs, but we’re also here to take care of your tenants. Whether you have a house in Fossil Creek or a condo in University Park, our team is available to maintain properties throughout the city and provide the highest level of service. With over 30 years of experience, we understand how to effectively guide both first time and long-term renters in order to ensure that your property is cared for and well maintained.

Some of the ways in which our property management services in Fort Collins will benefit you as a landlord include:

  • Marketing Your Property: We have extensive familiarity with the rental market in Northern Colorado and know how to price your rental property and the best ways to market it to make sure vacancy times are short.
  • Show Your Property: Our team will schedule and conduct property showings so that you don’t have to. We are available six days a week from 10 am to 7 pm, providing plenty of opportunities to show your home to possible tenants.
  • Handle Administration Details: We take care of all administrative aspects of renting your home from processing applications, collecting deposits, lease signings and renewals, enforcing all applicable lease or HOA conditions and city ordinances, collecting monthly rent, and distributing utility payments.
  • Manage Property Maintenance: We handle all annual service and inspections, while also managing any maintenance issues that may arise. We work quickly and proactively to maintain the highest standards of safety.
  • Address Emergencies: Emergencies can happen at any time of the night, but working with All Property Services ensures that you don’t receive phone calls in the middle of the night or during a holiday. Our staff is available to handle any emergency so that you don’t have to.
  • Detailed Reports and Communication: While we manage your property as if it’s our own, we fully understand that it belongs to you and work diligently to provide you with clear communication about everything that takes place with your property. We track and manage every detail and make sure that you are well informed. From budget preparations to rental valuations and much more, All Property Services keeps you at the forefront of your investment.
  • Provide Consistent Service for Tenants: We make sure that your tenants are taken care of from the moment they show interest in your rental property until the day they move out. We serve as a central point of communication between you and your tenants to address any concern or answer any question they may have. We also offer 24-hour maintenance services to make sure they have heat, electricity, water, and more when they need it. We offer comprehensive services to both our landlords and tenants.

For more information on property management services in Fort Collins, contact our team at All Property Services today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Property Management Services in Fort Collins

What does a residential property manager do?

Property management services in Fort Collins will act as a landlord’s agent and handle most administrative and logistical matters relating to the renting out of a property. This includes (but is not limited to) putting properties on the market, arranging viewings, soliciting and screening applications from prospective tenants, mediating between tenants and landlords, coordinating the payment of utilities, and maintaining the property itself. More generally, property management companies provide overall administrative and financial expertise in order to make sure that your experience as a landlord, and the experience of your tenants, is as hassle-free and effectively organized as much as possible.

Why should I use a residential property manager?

Owning property is one thing, but renting it out to tenants can be a cumbersome task for anyone – especially if being a landlord isn’t your primary occupation. If you own multiple properties, renting them out, along with all the time, money, expertise, and dedication that it entails can be a full-time job. There is a significant benefit in shifting that burden onto a third party whose expertise lies in precisely those tasks. A quality property management service in Fort Collins will excel at every stage of the rental process, allowing you to get the most out of your real estate investment. Finally, there’s also the simple matter of time: using a residential property manager will save you lots of it.

What should I be aware of when choosing between property management companies?

You should be wary of choosing residential property managers without a good deal of experience and a some great references from previous or current clients. Renting is a business which often requires a great deal of finesse and interpersonal skill. Property management services in Fort Collins should be aware of the nuances of the real estate market in their area as well as keep up with all of the relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Lastly, make sure that your prospective residential property manager has all the required licenses, and be sure to read the fine print in anything you’re signing to make sure you’re happy with the terms.

How much interaction will I have with my residential property manager?

In many cases, this is up to you. You can discuss the possibility of arranging a regular meeting time with your residential property manager or have them contact you on an as-needed basis. Some landlords prefer to have more frequent updates from their property management companies, while others would rather not be bothered unless it’s necessary. Naturally, you can also talk to your property manager about the best mode of contact, such as phone or email.

How will I find tenants for my property?

Property management services, such as All Property Services, will usually do this for you. We’ll put the property on the market, arrange showings, and handle administrative details like the screening of applications and lease arrangements.

What should I look for in a tenant?

All Property Services and other property management services in Northern Colorado usually handle the process of arranging showings and choosing tenants for you. However, you might still want to be aware of what makes an ideal tenant for your property. Some important factors include whether the prospective tenant makes enough income to pay rent, their criminal record (if applicable), their friendliness and ease of interaction, and habits – such as whether they smoke or keep pets.

How will my property be maintained?

Property management companies normally handle the maintenance of your property for you. This includes responding to emergencies (meaning you won’t be woken up by a call in the middle of the night or during an important meeting) as well as regular upkeep. They will correspond with local professionals to ensure that your property meets all the necessary standards and regulations and is fit for habitation by your tenants to ensure a safe, reliable, and pleasant experience for all parties.

How much rent should I charge for my property?

Experienced property management services in Fort Collins like All Property Services will have a good grasp of the local real estate prices in Northern Colorado. So we’ll be able to put your property on the market to ensure low wait times between vacancies while getting market rent rates. Generally speaking, the amount of rent you’ll receive will depend on the market value of your property. There are some rules of thumb, such as the 1% rule (charge about 1% or more of property value in monthly rent). But these are just benchmarks, and ultimately, the market your property is in and the specifics of the property will determine rent. Since we know the local market, we can provide you with advice and comps.


So if you’re a landlord looking for an experienced, professional property manager who really knows the Fort Collins market and the surrounding areas, give us a call. We’ll help you make your property an easy source of passive income. You can reach us at 970-224-4446