Pros and Cons of Renting Furniture for Your Apartment

November 4, 2019

furniture rental pros and consRenting an apartment in Fort Collins also means furnishing an apartment in Greeley. Most renters come into the process trying to decide if they should rent their apartment furniture or purchase it outright. While renting furniture is gaining popularity as a cost-effective, environmentally sound way to beautify a living space, there are definitely some negatives to consider, including finding the right rental provider to avoid being scammed. Knowing a few of the pros and cons associated with furniture rental can help you decide if it's the right option for your new living accommodations.


Renting Furniture: The Positives


Renting furniture for a new apartment delivers several impressive benefits, particularly for tenants who don't have a lot of pieces and may have limited financial resources. Some of the many advantages that come with furniture rental include:


Cost Savings

For many tenants, paying a large sum to purchase furniture outright is simply not financially possible. Additionally, the lifespan of many store-bought items often doesn't justify the cost of the piece. Renting furniture, appliances, accents, and other pieces provides a way to get the furnishings needed to outfit an entire apartment at a fraction of the cost upfront. In fact, many rental companies' pricing is so good that renters can procure high-end, quality pieces that they couldn't afford to purchase. A reputable rental provider will have a large inventory of available items at a wide range of price points to suit virtually every budget.


No Hassle Shopping

Beyond increasing financial anxiety, purchasing every individual piece for a rental apartment can waste time and increase overall stress levels that come with an upcoming move. Renting furniture takes the hassle out of shopping. You'll have the opportunity to select various items from a single provider for a fast and seamless shopping experience. Additionally, you can have everything delivered right to your new address for ultimate convenience. Finally, after your apartment lease ends, many furniture rental companies will come and pick up their items, so you don't have to worry about selling anything you'll no longer use, or moving what you'll keep to your new home.


Customized Lease Term

Furniture rentals are an excellent option for a short-term lease. However, many tenants find that renting items can prove an ideal solution for a long-term lease as well. A well-stocked furniture rental provider will work with you to pick the appropriate lease terms based on your specific lifestyle and preferences.



Your furniture needs can change at any moment. Getting a new roommate (or even losing one) can quickly change the type of fixtures and furnishings you'll want in your apartment. Most rental companies allow for upgrade options within their terms to help renters to have access to the very latest looks and styles as well as be able to add new pieces as needed.


Renting Furniture: Potential Downsides


Of course, as with every choice you'll make when renting an apartment, you may run into a downside. Renting furniture is no exception. Go into the decision-making process armed with the potential downsides of leasing items to make the best choice possible. Some negatives may include:


Overall Costs

Renting furniture is often a fraction of the cost of purchasing the pieces outright. However, that monthly payment does add up over the lifespan of the lease. By the end of the contract, many renters find that they've actually paid more for renting the items than they would have if they had bought the pieces. This is something important to consider if you plan on staying in one place for a long time.


Locked-In Duration

Yes, you'll have the option to customize the length of your lease for a long-term or short-term contract. However, it's important to note that once you've locked into a lease, you may not be able to terminate the contract early.


Miscellaneous Fees

Some furniture rental companies will charge peripheral fees that have nothing to do with the actual furniture itself. For example, the cost of insurance on each piece can quickly add up as part of the monthly expense.


Higher Interest Rates for Poor Credit

It's often easier for tenants with poor credit to get approved for furniture rental. However, having less than perfect credit also has its disadvantages. Many renters with poor credit find themselves paying a higher interest rate than other lessees. Additionally, late payments can actually impact your credit rating even further.


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